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Designing Customer Experiences: Building Shopper Connections

All of us are driven by relationships in our lives. So, why not brands build relationships too?

There are essentially three touchpoint opportunities with the Shopper that every Brand has and how the Brand builds connections at each of these touchpoint creates the perception for the brand. It doesn’t matter whether you are selling online or through a brick and mortar store. To strike a chord, you must address these touch-points:

1. The greeting touchpoint: this is the first interface between the shopper and the brand. When she enters, the greeting must warm her up. Like a friend walking in for a cup of coffee, or the aunt stopping by to drop some festival treats… we don’t let anyone in without greeting, right? That’s the address we need. Some could be subtle, some could be from a distance. But, it should be there- both online and offline. Check if you have one.

2. The experience touchpoint: the actual shopper experience of touch and feel, of trials, of checkouts,of returns, of home deliveries, of alterations, of exchange, of billing, of packaging… everything. Every single detail matters.

3. The thank you touchpoint: We often forget to say thank you. And even if say, it is not clear if the shopper heard it. There is no point in saying thank you in your mind. It should be audible. In cases of home deliveries, it should be readable. Thank you experience needs to be designed too, like all other experiences.

One of our favourite Thank You design is this Exclusive Authentic Design card from The Tadpole Store, signed by the clothing designer. It just leaves a mark of trust on the shopper.

Strike the chord

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