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The season of gifting has arrived! The truth lies behind the fact that everybody loves receiving gifts, but when it comes to giving gifts, there is always confusion on what to gift, and where to find it. Gifting is one of the very important nuances of social interactions, more for the giver than the recipient. Some might think that the holiday season, festivals, and celebrations have become materialistic, heavily! But, we think gifting is the best time to exchange love and cheer. We at Red Polka curate beautiful things from fashion and lifestyle, just for you. And, now as we list down a few gifting options for you, we thought we might as well share some of our thoughts and bundle up this season’s gifting essentials!  

  • Think about the person you are buying for: Consider their interests, personality, hobbies etc. Think about what they would appreciate most. Don’t just buy something that you think will be convenient; really spend some time thinking about their ideal gift.
  • Tip- Ask their family and friends if they have mentioned anything that they would really like.
  • Create a budget:Is it Season gifting is all about spreading the cheer, right? Budget your gift shopping, and make the most of it.  You can also just plan to spend the same amount of money on this person as they’ve spent on you in the past.
  • Still clueless? It’s time to trawl the shops: The market is your playground! All the shops all around the world are selling the best this season. Go into quality shops, look around and look closely at everything that catches your eye or resembles that person’s personality. Imagine you are the person you are buying for. Imagine how much you would use this thing; what you would use it for, how good it would be to them. If it seems like an ideal present, consider it.


  • Not every one of you wants to buy a gift in first go, so-

The best thing to do is remember where you see certain things and go and check out some of the other shops! You could find something a lot better, and then you would regret buying the first thing you saw! After you have checked what’s on offer, decide which item your friend would most like. Check the price; check that it is not too ridiculous! Then finally buy it! Wrap it up! Gifting is all wrapped up in presentation. It’s usually the thought that counts when it comes to gift giving, but research indicates that the wrapping is just as important. Either go to a department store with a gift wrap service or carefully wrap it yourself to get the best results! More and more gift wrapping services are cropping up, with some wonderful ideas.  Check out what how we at Red Polka get gift wrapping –

  • Queens Packaging

Gala No. 315, 3rd Floor, Vasan Udyog Bhavan, Opposite High Street Phoenix, Senapati Bapat Marg, Lower Parel West, Mumbai – 400013 India. Call: +91 22 2493 8999.

  • Wrap it Right

Purnima Building, Block C, Pedder Road, Next to Jaslok Hospital, Behind Dominos Pizza, Mumbai – 400026. Call: + (91)-22-49172437.

  • Paperclouds

www.facebook.com/paperclouds paperclouds09@gmail.com. Call: +91 9821030562 And, here as you can see, Papercloud could never wrong when it comes to packaging and personalizing gifts. papercloud4 papercloud3 papercloud2 papercloud1

  • June 8

Shop No 1, Amjad Khan Chowk, Carter Road, Next To Olive Restaurant, Mumbai – 400052. Call: + (91)-22-61618140.

  Unsaid rules about gifting  

  • Get a gift, give a gift: gift exchanges must be reciprocal.
  • Even-Steven: gift exchanges must be of equal value.
  • Come one, come all: gift exchanges must extend to every member of a relationship category.
  • Gift personality: Choose something that reflects the person interests or personality.
  • Money is not a gift: The idea that “you can never go wrong with money” is not necessarily true. Carefully consider your relationship with the person and the reason you’re getting the gift.
  • Cheap is really cheap: Don’t just choose something because it is cheap.
  • Keep the receiver in mind: Make sure you’re thinking of them when you are looking for presents, don’t assume they’ll like what you like. Equally if you live with the person or such like, don’t buy something for yourself and say it is for them.

Personal notes!

Every gift should be perfectly tagged and it always adds to the gift’s essence when you pair it with a nice card with a personalized note with it. We found you one of the best custom designs for this purpose. Check out www.radhikanag.comby Radhika Nag, where you’ll find an array superb personalised-hand-made holiday cards and tags.


Gifting suggestion by Red Polka  Now that we know why gifting is such an awesome, and important part of social interaction, find some amazing picks you could use on Red Polka (www.redpolka.com).   Red Polka stands for the chosen one! It’s a podium to discover, crave, love and talk about beautiful things in fashion and lifestyle. Check these gift options and more and share with us your experiences, start a discussion, or simply share the post, and love 🙂  

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Polka Coffee is your e-coffee-table-book; here you will have recourse to quick reads that interest you, and inspire you, and inform you of all things, fashion and life. The features will motivate you to be fashionable, and always be you! It’s a blog linked to www.redpolka.com. Red Polka is a podium to discover and crave curated fashion and lifestyle designs. It’s a unique platform, a window that opens up to handpicked available options, for shoppers, designers, inspiration seekers, trendsetters, and women, who know what they wear, and what they want! www.redpolka.com. is a great place to start shopping conversations! Founder, Ms. Vishakha Singh is a visionary and an evangelist. Red Polka is her wishing-well, filled with ideas to shop in style. She not only helps brands showcase their enticing products, but also help the brands market their products to the buyers. She has time and again helped build major brands, and cropped novel ideas for shopper marketing. She strongly believes that, “what shows, sells!”, and hence she toes the line between the seller and the buyer effectively with her ventures, www.redpolka.com, and Polka Coffee Sessions. Come, be the chosen one!

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