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Resolutions, resolutions and more resolutions! Many made, hardly kept! Trending the list of resolutions this year is all about fashion! We at Red Polka have decided to totally rock the fashion scene in 2015! Let’s celebrate ourselves, and our desires and aspirations! Here are some fun, yet considerable fashion resolution you can make with us, check out our list!


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Fashion Resolution #1: Think before you buy

Stop impulse buying! Put in some thought before you actually buy something. Most of the times, you don’t end up wearing a piece of cloth you buy just because you got tempted. If you can’t think of at least 3 different ways you can wear an item, you usually shouldn’t buy it. For a solution, consider and trust online shopping! As it actually helps you buy more responsibly because it gives you time to really look at all the other options and compare prices as well as look in your closets to see if you already own something similar or not.

Fashion Resolution #2: Buy less, spend more

This is the case of quality versus quantity! Choosing pieces that will last for years to come not only because of their quality but because they are a timeless and classic style will not only guarantee you’ll always have the perfect thing to wear on hand, but it will save you a lot of money in the end.


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Fashion Resolution #3: Tackle your closet

If you haven’t worn it for three years or more, let it go. The obvious exceptions to this rule is your wedding dress, but in all other respects comply strictly with this commandment to reap maximum rewards. Any closet clutter you know you won’t wear again for the foreseeable future needs to go! After every 3rd edition of shopping, try to get rid of that one overused thing or never used thing off your closet. We wear 20% of our wardrobe 80% of the time – depressing right? So why not dig everything out, rearrange it in a way that makes everything more visible and plan outfits using items you haven’t worn in forever? You’ll feel as good as new.

PS – Yeah! Okay, we do realize that for some of you 3rd edition is too soon to get rid of old things, those of you can do the same on the 5th edition of new clothes entering your closet! (Please do!)

Fashion Resolution #4: Be comfortable with and proud of Rocking Bod

While we’re all for eating healthy and staying active, we think more women need to recognize that the body they’re currently rocking is pretty awesome. Let this be the year! One way to boost your confidence: Look to all the curvy A-listers landing at the top of the best-dressed lists. Another idea: Learn what pieces flatter your body shape most.


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Fashion Resolution #5: Avoid tricky trends

Last year we witnessed a myriad of tricky trends, such as midriff tops, punk, overalls and over-the-knee boots (for Mumbai, really!?).

If you are aged over 25 of age and you have purchased any of these garments, chances are you wear them once at best before realising they were better relegated to your niece or daughter. Let 2015 be the year of buying intelligently rather than on impulse. Find out what suits you, and work within those realms instead.

Fashion Resolution #6: Try and not lose the girl in you

Wear the fanciest dress in your closet, even if it’s just to dinner in your own kitchen with your significant other, or a fun restaurant/bar hopping with a group of friends, or an outing with kids… because, why not? Now that you’ve got clothes, you have to show them off! Just like when you were a girl, who loved dressing up.

Fashion Resolution #7: Accessorize

accessorizing with jewelry, belts, scarves and more can take an outfit from plain to extraordinary. Take a little black dress and add a spiky necklace and metallic heels, and voila — you’ve taken your look from nondescript to edgy urban chic.  Go fine-tuned colour coordinated, or dote a signature piece. Accessorize in a way that would either accentuate your personality, or make you stand out from the ordinary, or make it the centre point of your ensemble of the day. Switch out the necklace and heels for a string of pearls and a pair of tasteful flats, and you’re ready for an important business lunch. Splurge on handbags and sunglasses; and sometimes shoes. Why? Because you can literally wear rags if you have nice accessories. They somehow equal each other out.


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Fashion Resolution #8: Model for You

Let’s save some time for you! Before wearing a new outfit to an event you’ve been waiting for, try it on and take photos of yourself either in your mirror or ask someone to assist you. A photo really demonstrates how items fit and show color combos that you may not see in the mirror. Not every day, but for the big occasions, photograph your ensemble first to add details or iron out the flaws.

If that’s not what you want to do, try your outfits in advance and prepare much before the occasion, and just throw it on and ease out when you are out to take the world.

You’ll never throw out everything from your closet again, you’ll be just about sure on how a certain dress looks, and what to expect. Bingo!

Fashion Resolution #9: Get inspired

Speaking of inspiration, if one of your New Year’s resolutions is to learn about something new, why not make it a fashion-focused lesson? After all, contrary to popular belief, fashion was around even before today’s famed fashionistas were even in existence. Watch videos, view pictures on e-zines, flow bloggers. There are so many ways to get inspired and add what you like to your favourites. Our portal, http://www.redpolka.com curates designs from fashion and lifestyle for your easy reference.

Fashion Resolution #10: Have more fun

To have fun, you will have to be bold and beautiful (Read experimentation). This year let go of your fears, and breakthrough the fashion scene. Experiment with colours, cuts, prints, outfits. Wear one piece of dress, you are scared of wearing right now, just because you think can’t pull it off, but the dress is totally worth a try.

Celebrate femininity, class, and fashion, be the trendsetting diva you are, explore the vivacious side of you vibrant personality, and don’t forget,  have fun!


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