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Rekindle Your Kitchen with Art Everyday

Cooking is an art! And, kitchen is the everyday school of art. If you like to cook, you probably spend quite a bit of time in your kitchen. So why shouldn’t it inspire you? The only creativity we used in our kitchen is by decking our fridges by magnets! Fridge magnets are totally cool, but a little passé, no? Since we at Red Polka are connoisseurs of art, we have tried, here, to round-up a number of ways to transform your everyday kitchen to an artsy one.

art (3)

  • Paint the furniture in your favourite colours

We start off with a fairly simple and economical solution to infuse art in your kitchen: paint the furniture, which are the most visible elements of the room.

Kitchen-adapted paints exist, that are resistant to stains and household products. They are available in several colors, so there’s no need to hesitate any longer. You can create that contemporary white kitchen you’ve always dreamed of, or play with colors for a more visually striking one. The changes will be noticeable.

Colourful cabinets

Colourful cabinets

  • Paint your walls or try kitchen graffiti

Kitchen is one room that craves for a tasteful piece of art! If you have an unoccupied stretch of wall in your kitchen, either add some artistic photographs, food inspired art, or a piece of modern or folk art.  Try kitchen graffiti– Play around with a couple of thoughts before deciding to create a graffiti with funny quotes related to food and cooking; it’ll definitely lighten your mood and keep the guests entertained as well. Take your kitchen by a colour riot, and bring out your inner rebellious artist in the open!

Note: Use walls above your dry kitchen, and keep the art piece protected from oil and water spatter.

Kitchen grafitti by Sahanha Sing

Kitchen grafitti by Sahanha Singh

  • Load your railings with edgy kitchen tools

If the greatest chefs around the world need their utensils and pots always close by, why not follow their example? Installing wall railing in your kitchen and loading with some vibrant kitchen tools and colourful containers will prove not only convenient, but will also give a sleek-professional look to your kitchen.

Kitchen railings

Kitchen railings

  • Install art between the upper and lower cabinets

Take your run-of-the-mill kitchens a step ahead. Use the space between the upper and lower cabinets to fill us art. It is not necessary that you install a frame or something, you can simply handpick some amazing arty trays and coasters, kettles ( we really liked some hand-painted kettles at Rangrage.in), as they brilliant double up for pieces of art.

Click here to Check out some of our picks for the best for your kitchen.

Hand-painted kettle by Rangrage

Hand-painted kettle by Rangrage

  • Handpick serveware to match your personality

Easily add personality to your kitchen with colorful dishware and collectibles on display in open cabinet Serve tea, coffee or tequila shots in colourful glasses! Pass around nuts and ‘crunchies’ when friends are over in vibrant handpicked serveware. Thoughtful and fun serveware and drinkware are keys to a fun and creative kitchen.

Creative storage ideas

Creative storage ideas

  • Place a lot of vibrant mats and carpets

Here’s a simple way to customize your kitchen and flaunt art on your floor, and make it more welcoming. Add a comfortable mat or carpet that you put near the sink or under the table. You can also go for multiple mats that you’ll place wherever you’re most likely to stand (near the fridge, the sink, and counter-tops).

  • Pay attention to detail- change knobs and handles

Does the painting seem too restrictive? Pure art skills are recognized by its detailing! Rekindling your kitchen with art also requires detailed work, like knobs and door handles. Colourful, classic, or original, choose how you want to customize your kitchen based on your taste and budget.

  • Kitchen interactive

Food lovers can come up with creative ideas best when around food! One best way to make sure that your kitchen is filled with chatters, laughter and smiles, the kitchen needs to have all the possible elements to motivate interactions. One design we came across this uber idea of installing chalk board in the interiors, on Home to House. These boards not only give a warm-rustic feel to the kitchen, but also coax to try your hand at doodling.

Chalk board in the kitchen

Chalk board in the kitchen

So, Lets get inspired in our favourite room in the house, and cook up a storm with a lot of art to keep you cheerful!


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