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DREAMCATCHERS Feature #2: Linen Lovely- Priyanka Chugh, of Ek Taara

As Anaïs Nin once said, “Throw your dreams into space like a kite, and you do not know what it will bring back, a new life, a new friend, a new love, a new country.”  In our feature series- DREAMCATCHERS, we tell you stories of women who pursued their dreams. They not only make a world of their own dreams, but continuously help others to realise their dreams too.

Priyanka Chug of Ek Taara

Priyanka Chugh of Ek Taara

Ek Taara- The Harmony of Linen and Fashion!

“To be your own boss, is the toughest thing to be, but passion helps you to surpass all obstacles.” It is rare that fresh talents have a strong conviction in their belief system! But then, only someone who has their own mind- excels!


1) Tell us Ek Taara’s story…

Ek Taara is a brand, a concept, a dream.

Ek taara is a delicate thread connecting timeless moments together. It is a cultural basket creating beautiful dynamics of a society. Based in the heart of India, Ek Taara dreams of a beautiful place where there is appreciation for each other’s cultural identities. I constantly work on unifying various design forms from different regions of India, and making them distinctly stand out. With Ek taara, I wish for a simple wish- to promote the spirit of togetherness. Currently, I am creating a line of clothing and artwork.

2) When did you start dreaming about fashion and clothes? How did you reach your goal?

(Quickly answers, with a glee in her eyes) Since my school days!  I had this particular dream of starting my own fashion label. This dream has been in my mind for so long now, that it is now, a part of me. Of course I did not know what I’ll be designing, or how I would go about it; but I knew that I had art, and I wanted to use it to make a living!

3) What was the most important decision you had to ever make, to launch Ek Taara?

After working in Mumbai for many years, I decided to pursue my double masters in Fashion Brand Management in Italy after receiving a scholarship from the Tata Institute. That one year of my stay in the fashion hub of the world really changed my perspective. I saw and understood a whole new dimension of the fashion and retail industry. That is when the seed of starting my own brand was sown in my mind. That thought led me straight from Italy to India.  I feel that was perhaps one of the most crucial decisions I made, definitely not difficult. I had a nagging question in my head, whether to work for others and make instant money, or to work for myself and make money in distant future. To be your own boss, is the toughest thing to be, but passion helps you to surpass all obstacles. And I am looking forward to the journey!

4) Who is your biggest support in all your endeavours?

I feel that the journey of an entrepreneur is not an easy one! No matter how capable you are, running your own business is a different ball game, all together. It requires additional set of skills, which takes up a lot or personal learning. Belief in myself kept me going! I am blessed to have wonderful people around me to support me in everything. The unconditional love and support of my parents, the motivation drive by my close circle of friends keeps me grounded, and driven!

5) What are your dreams and aspirations for the future of your brand and career?

I see Ek taara not just as a brand- that makes typical seen-everywhere-kind-of-products! Expansion in terms of products and services is how I envision Ek Taara’s future. Ideally when people will start to associate Ek taara with their urbane pick for contemporary Indian wear that is when I’ll be in a better state to say that Ek Taara is here to stay! I constantly work on novel ways to amalgamate Indian Art, design, and craft to with fashion and clothing.

Stay tuned with this blog space for some more inspiring stories of women who believe in their passions and talents, and take an extra effort to turn their dreams into milestones…

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