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Dreamcatchers feature #4: Indian Dressing Should Be Fun, says Taniya O’Connor of Ayinat.

Taniya O'Connor of Ayinat.

Taniya O’Connor of Ayinat.

Katherine Hepburn once said “I wear my sort of clothes to save me the trouble of deciding which clothes to wear.” Fashion is in simplicity for Taniya O’Connor of Ayinat. Her clientele is star-studded, but her approach to work is humbling! Meet our Dreamcatcher, from the feature series Dreamcatchers. Here we tell you stories of women who pursued their dreams. They not only make a world of their own dreams, but continuously help others to realise their dreams too.


  • What drove you to your journey towards Ayinat? What inspired you to take up fashion designing as a career?

I’ve always loved all things bright and beautiful! Even though I was not encouraged to pursue Art in school, I was always interested in it. Even as I completed my degree in Economics and Entrepreneurship in college, I always knew that I wanted to study Design or Art. So, after college I joined NIFT (National Institute Of Fashion Technology), New Delhi and studied Fashion Design. I loved every aspect of the curriculum. I knew it was the industry I wanted to be a part of. I started my career as a stylist, working on TV shows, and shoots. I assisted the brilliant- Mohan Neelakantan for a few years, and even styled for movies like Imiaz Ali’s Rockstar and various luxury brands. But all this time I was missing creating my own design, my own clothes. So, I started a tiny western label which I did part time, and continued working as a stylist. The response to the label was great! (*happy tears*) It was then, that I realized that I had to quit styling to concentrate on my label full time! That was when Ayinat started.

  • What kind of design is your USP (Unique Selling Point)?

I really, always wanted Indian clothes to be fun, and not so serious! The collection at Ayinat is easy, quirky and fun, but always impeccably finished. They always stand out in the sea of over the top blingy pieces that flood the market. At Ayinat we love mixing traditional techniques with fun modern elements. Fun motifs and bright colours are our USP. (Taniya treats Ayinat as a special identity; hence you’ll find repetitive use of ‘we’!)

  • Tell us something about Ayinat and your star-studded clientele.

I’d like to think that every client that comes to me should feel like a star! (Aren’t we happy?). Especially the brides nothing makes me happier that a girls twirling around happily in an outfit that I made for her. It is the best feeling ever!

Stylists often prefer Ayinat clothes for celebrities. Recently singer Mansi Scot and Sonali Bendre wore some ensembles at Ayinat. My clientele includes women from all walks of life; I especially get a lot of girls who are Lawyers!

  • What are your immediate future dreams and aspirations?

Right now I am just concentrating on building the label for Ayinat. (A small secret, she spills here- “I got married last year and that distracted me a while.”) But now I have bounced back, and Ayinat is growing at a pace I am very happy with, we have expanded, and now are concentrating on being in more stores outside of Delhi. Our brand is now easily recognizable, which is very important. The dream is to continue growing at a fast pace and reach the level of some of the greats in the Indian fashion world.

  • Please give two styling tips for our readers who would like to try something new while they don contemporary Indian wear.

Tone down the bling (Firmly)! Being from the north (of India), I know how Indians love their bling. But honestly nothing stands out like simplicity, it is refreshing!

Match a gorgeous simple handloom sari with a heavy gota blouse instead of going over the top with the whole outfit. Or if you are wearing a heavy outfit, tone down the jewelry and styling. Nothing is more retreating to the eyes that seeing a simple gajra in the hair of a woman or sighting glass bangles, on tender wrists.

Experiment with colours and silhouettes! Never be afraid to wear bold things, step outside of your comfort zone, you will surprise yourself.


Stay tuned with this blog space for some more inspiring stories of women who believe in their passions and talents, and take an extra effort to turn their dreams into milestones…

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