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Aztec Rules- The Print to Don an Immaculate Boho Look!

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The world has been drooling over Aztec inspired fashion, and this season the trend is set to explode even more. Aztec prints have become the style du jour among the stylish and the trendy. It’s also a must-have print for your wardrobe!


The Aztec look is the perfect Spring style, wearing a piece instantly gives you an uber-cool, street savvy, exotic style, (without making it look like you’ve tried too hard), and instantly evokes dreams of far off vacation destinations and long-lost civilizations.


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Tracing back the Aztec history                                          

The Aztec prints concoct some wonderful patterns, and is inspired by the Aztec tribe of Ancient Mexico (South America).The patterns and prints reflected in the clothing reveal an appreciation and fascination for the natural world. These patterns and brilliant colours are inspired from birds, fish, insects and other animals.

Typically existing of horizontal lines with graphic shapes, these prints come in every bright colour. Cocktail, the movie, made this print a fashion staple. All kinds of prints are out there and they are perfect for giving that extra spice to a basic outfit.


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How to Rock the Aztec Print

The beauty of Aztec prints is that they are adaptable and flexible. They come in gorgeous shades that appeal to the Indian sensibility and recent western fascination with colours that pop.

Aztec prints are loud and they are simply statement-grabbing.

If you are a girl who loves to play by the rules of fashion, let one piece from your outfit carry the loud tribal motif and keep the rest muted with solid coloured tones that complement the colouring of the printed piece. (Also, keep the bling bling minimal.)

If you are a pretty daring fashionista, we think a mix of stripes or plaids with your Aztec printed piece would be something you could pull off quite well.

Here are more ideas to rock the Aztec this season-


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  • Tops

Tops with Aztec prints are totally in! Whether you’re heading for a concert, or a formal dinner, or a party, Aztec tops are always refreshing and fun. Introduce subtle prints to classic work-wear pieces this season, for an easy way to add some character to the simplest of looks. Pair colour-popping Aztec tops with tailored pair of trousers or A-line skirts.

neha dhupia-aztec-skirt

Image courtesy

  • Skirts and Pants

At times all you want is a basic top, so pair them with Aztec print skirts and leggings. They look super chick if balanced properly. Find the print in detail, stay away from cheap picks. They might look tacky. The key is in good design, Aztecs look good only then.


Image courtesy

  • Jackets and Shrugs

Jackets give a stratum of style to an ensemble. With Aztec jackets, shrugs, especially the breezy cardigans you add a layer of chic-freedom-chick look.

  • Beach Wear

How do you add more fun to the ordinary beach wear? Add some awesome prints! Tribal prints are haute in the holiday season, the give a rustic-fun look. Block colours are a little passé! (Quicksilver has an amazing line of Aztec beach wear.)


Image courtesy

  • Dresses

Now this can be a little tricky! You can go for chic and cute Aztec prints on one piece dresses. Pick dresses which are colour blocked with Aztec detailing (AND has a fab collection, check!)


Image courtesy

  • Accessories

Clothing may make up the majority of an outfit, but accessories are more significant than you may think. You might find yourself spending just as much time shopping for accessories as you do for clothes – and rightfully so. Aztec will add that necessary splash of fun-and freedom. Here are some Aztec inspired accessories for you-


Totes, back-packs and clutches are the safest bet for Aztec inspired designs. Style them with a small dreamcatcher charm and let the happy mojo get you a lot of luck.


There are amazing fabric shoes with Aztec prints inspired by street-wear fashion. Go for soft-soled moccasins, or cloth Venetian loafers, they are the best for the comfy-chick in you, or go for statement high-rise wedges. (For a casual look, check out Aztec flip-flops by Havaianas.)


If you are the girl who would like to go subtle with the whole Aztec revolution, try out metallic Aztec imprints. They look edgy and are versatile.

romani-barrel-backpack-tribl-SG-Happily_Unmarried Monochrome Mania_ Metamorphosis

Polka Loves-

Boho look is one that brings out your free-spirited self. Aztec print accentuates any piece of cloth/accessory , and never goes out of vogue because of its brilliant colours and gorgeous geometric influence. Aztec somehow melts in any culture and country, and is best to don these on your travels. So, here it is, happy summers! Don’t shy away from these beauties.

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