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Perfect Accessories For Your Work-Wear

We’re always expected to look extremely impeccable at work, aren’t we? While we do have great outfits, we’re in a constant dilemma of how to team up these beauties with correct accessories.


#1: Layer it Up


Courtesy: Golden jacket by Pilgrim

You won’t believe how a well-fitted jacket can just change the whole look of your beautiful dress!

-It enhances the look of your upper body and is a good cover up for sleeveless dress or can be great for cool evenings too.

-The correct kind of blazer gives a break to the mono-chromic look of your office dress.

#2: Minimalist Jewellery 

necklace and earrings  Courtesy: Golden beads necklace, tops, Dangler earring from Moha by Geetanjali

-Long necklaces look extremely beautiful with ‘V’ cut dresses.

-When your dress has a heavy yoke, avoid a necklace. Instead go for some pretty earrings.

-When the neck of your dress is low, opt for a bold blingy statement necklace.

-When you have a narrower neckline then a small pendent chain works best.

#3: Scarves


Courtesy: Blue scarf by Ikka Dukka

A scarf is a versatile piece of cloth. It is something that complements whatever you’re wearing. There are varieties of scarves available in the market—long, short, thin, square, adorned, and more!

-If you’re not in the mood to wear jewellery you can simply take a small scarf or choose an appropriate scarf according to the weather.

-A small scarf with a single knot, bow or butterfly knot looks extremely feminine and chic on a narrow neck.

-For a boat neck dress drape a long soft fabric scarf and let it hang on your neck or tie single loose knot to add oomph to your ensemble.

#4: Shoes

shoes collage

Courtesy:Printed shoes by Brahma Karma

Picking the correct shoes for a correct dress is important but choosing a comfortable pair of shoes which suit your body type and legs is more essential.

-On  a dazzling formal dress then pointed front heels go best with it as they give your body a sleeker and taller look.

-However, if you’re not comfortable wearing pencil heels you can opt for plain wedges or low-rise pumps.

– You can opt to flaunt your pampered feet with some delicate pair of sandals during summers.

#5: Wrist Wear

bracelet and watch

Courtesy: Dragron fly watch by India circus

-To team it up with formal dresses, avoid wearing blingy and clinking bracelets. Pearls are apt.

– Avoid wearing a necklace if you’re wearing a statement bracelet.

-If you want to keep it simple you can have a very delicate bracelet. Ones with strings and charms go well.

-Avoid wearing both together.

#6: Hair Accessories

hair accessories

If you’re the kind who likes to leave your hair down, merely add a hair band to avoid messy hair.

-While selecting a hair-band for work place ‘subtle’ is the trump card.

-Depending on your forehead size you can choose a broader or thinner hair-band. For example- if you have a broad forehead thinner hair-bands do great and vice versa.

– You can also tie a pony tail with a lightly studded rubber band.

During summers, up-dos are the most comfy so merely attach a simple comb to it and complete your look.

#7: Bags & Clutches


Courtesy: Handbag by Brahma Karma, Hobo by Tortus, Baguatte by Brahma Karma, Clutch by Gifts of Love

A bag is an accessory that complements your outfit the most and must be chosen wisely.

-For an evening event from work, a Baguette—a small cylindrical bag attached with a cord, strap or chain—in subtle or sober colours is a great option.

-If you  have fewer things to carry, then a simple chic and sleek clutch is the best option for you.

-For daily office use, a Hobo or A.K.A. shoulder bags is the perfect option to carry all your things. But do not take an overly big, heavy and blingy bag for office use.

#8: Brooches & Belts     

belt and brooch

Brooches or belts can make or break a dress you’re wearing to office because it can easily create a good focal point or make you look under-dressed.

-A belt gives a visual break to your outfit or can be a good cover-up for an oversized dress.

-For thinner women a mid-size to thick belts is apt. Overweight women should avoid wearing thick belts because they do not hide your porch, in fact does the exact opposite.

-Pinning the brooch at the right place is important because the motive of the brooch is not only as an accessory but also of creating a focal point so if you’re heavier on the chest avoid wearing it near your shoulder instead pin it near your neckline.

So now that you know what accessories go well with what dress and don a perfect work look. Find a lot of refreshing summer dresses on Red Polka. Stay cheerful! 

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