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How To Dress For Any Occasion

Dresses are fun, dresses are flattering. Own one, and wear one right away; it’ll definitely look fab!
Ladies, here’s your personal dress guide for every occasions.



Gowns and dresses await you ladies! Indian weddings are now open to Indo- Western gowns. AND, Global Desi, Sabyasachi, Kalki Fashion and more labels offer some amazing dresses adorned with heavy Indian embroidery, and gems. For those cocktail and Sangeet evenings, give your traditionals a miss and plan a dress instead. You can also experiment with saree-dresses, they are totally in vogue with women’s evening-wear fashion scene!


Image courtesy- A Wedding Planner

Casual Parties

Be the chic fashion diva you’re, and have fun! Casual dinner parties are all about having a gala time with friends and family. So be comfortable, and don knee-length nice and comfy dresses, that can be quickly thrown together. Load your wardrobes with playsuits, shirt-dresses, and jumpsuits.


Dress courtesy- Quirk Box

Formal Events

Meeting your boyfriend’s parents for the first time is a formal event; a business dinner is too! So what do you do in such polarised events? Don’t show off too much skin, and knee-length should be the shortest dress you wear. Two piece dresses, pencil skirt dresses, Boho Maxis, and midis are apt! For very upscale formal parties, go gaga over gowns.


Kangana Ranaut bagged her second National Award early this month. We totally love the way she gave a traditional outfit a miss, and made a bold fashion statement with this cool light mauve, body-hugging gown.

Image courtesy- The Indian Express

Social Gatherings

Be a social butterfly, and flutter away in some pretty dresses. Try every fashion trend you want to, just be confident and you’ll shine. Tutus are famous these days for their girly appeal, pencil dresses, turtle neck dresses, and maxi dresses will give you look a powerful character. So just have fun!


Dress courtesy- Brass Tacks

Cocktail Parties

Time to show off your inner goddess! Wear your choicest statement accessories, and a lot of ‘A’ cut dresses with small slits on the side/back, to add the ‘oomph’ factor. This is the perfect time to don your off-shoulder dresses, ladies! Cocktail parties are slightly upscale, so avoid casual fabrics like jersey, chino and denim. A little black dress, a casual maxi dress make up for great cocktail dresses.


Dress courtesy- Mango

A Date Night

Orange is the new black, but black is the newest pink! Pick a fun and flirty dress. Look yourself at your maximum; you don’t want your date to meet someone you’re not. An easy breezy floral ruffle dress, dresses with cut-out backs, or pretty pink or peach frocks will transcend you into an instant knockout!


Dress courtesy- Asos

Coco Chanel once rightly said, “Dress shabbily and they remember the dress, dress impeccably and they remember the woman.”  Here are few tips on how to don a dress like a boss.

Know your body

Take some time out to analyse your body in a mirror, and know what you need to wear that will accentuate your best bits, while camouflaging (not hiding) you weaker bits. Select cuts and fits that flatter your body type, and love yourself.


Know what you want to communicate

Clothes are your expressions, so come across right! This may be difficult to do at work because some professions are quite conservative, while other are more creatively open. So wear your favourite dresses, every time you can.


Don’t be a fashion victim

Trends are great for the less creative. Just because “everyone” is wearing something does not mean you should just jump onto that bandwagon blindly. Create your own style. Be you!

Be inspired

If coming up with your own style is not your forte, just find someone whose style you appreciate and mix it with your personal panache, and before you know it, you’ll have your own style.


Finally, own it!

Confidence makes everyone look good; it’ll do the same for you. Even if you feel that your clothes are somewhat “iffy”, wearing them with confidence detracts attention from the clothes to yourself. Rise in your best dresses, and don a dress like a boss!






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