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7 Moments to Shine in a Saree This Wedding Season

All the girls in your gang are getting married, and some of you are too! Choose to drape a saree this time, you’ll surely shine! Deepa Mehta of Queen of Hearts (QOH) recommends some beautiful sarees from her collection for all those fun wedding occasions. She also shares some saree dos and don’ts for you, use them as your saree guide!

You’ll fall in love with all the QOH sarees, every single saree has a character here; none of it is the clichéd ‘aunty’ types! These sarees are fresh and fun, grown up, yet so young!


7 Saree Dos and Don’ts

1) Choose a saree that is not a typical ‘aunty’ type unimaginative saree.

2) Choose a saree that drapes well, and breathes well. It is the beginning of your saree journey and carrying a saree well is an acquired and practiced art. It would make sense if you enjoy it from the beginning. Choose a saree that requires less effort.

3) Take help from someone who knows how to drape a saree expertly. If you don’t know anyone in your family or friends who can help, there are many women who will professionally make you wear a saree that will stay in place for hours.

4) Try wearing your mum’s/aunt’s/friend’s/ grand mum’s saree in the beginning. That way you don’t spend much without a forethought (Remember, every saree is an investment!). Add some youth and pizzazz to their sarees by adding bright fun borders, tassels, embroidery (If they allow you to!).

5) Experiment with the blouse. Even a jacket, or a tank top, or a ganji/tee, will work well for a blouse. Blouses are expensive so choose versatile ones that go with many sarees.

6) Choose a saree that you will wear often, and for many years without it being dated. Opt for classics. Go for good weaves and timeless designs. You can always contemporize a classic saree later.

7) Listen to your instinct. We women tend to shop in groups. Some give great advice some confuse. Ultimately listen to your instinct. You are going to wear that saree, so you decide what you will enjoy and look stellar in.

7 wedding occasions to shine in a saree-

Now that you have these saree tips handy, get the impeccable look in that elusive six yards! Here are some fab Queen of Hearts sarees that you will love, and would like to drape at your best friend’s wedding, and mehendi-haldi-sangeet… and many more functions!

1) Engagement: The Peace Mandala on a white South Silk saree, with aqua and lilac borders. because it is cool and chic.

 engagement saree

2) Haldi: indigo Yin Yang fish block print saree highlighted with pink neon. This saree is perfect for Haldi as haldi stains will not ruin it. This is a soft cotton Mul, since haldi is mostly a day function.

Haldi saree

3) Mehndi: This green handloom cotton with peacock feathers embroidered on the Pallu. It is bright, feisty and fun.

Mehendi saree

4) Sangeet: The grey Leheriya Tussar with butterflies and birds embroidered. This Sarees shows off swirls of colours when a girl dances. It will set the mood for the party.

Sangeet saree

5) Wedding: A purple/blue Kanjivaram silk saree with Kala Ghoda hand embroidered motifs. It is regal and festive. Perfect for the Indian bridesmaid.


6) Reception: A natural Tussar silk saree with giant beaten gold flowers. It is elegant and classy. Perfect for a formal evening.

reception saree

7) Post wedding function/Bidaai: This peachy Magenta Maheshwari with antique nose pins/nath motifs will look nice and relaxed.

post wedding saree

“The six yards of grace, draped perfect for the evening, the elegance untouched, adds ‘femininity’ to the meaning!” – An Ode to ‘Saree’ | Swati Negi

So girls, shine in as many sarees as you wish at your best friend’s wedding, and bring out the inner goddess in you, be the dazzling diva you are!

Discover all these beautiful Queen of Hearts sarees and more, curated on Red Polka

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