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8 Indoor Rainforest Ideas for the Monsoon

anchor pic Just as we #GetSetRain, we thought it would be a good idea to infuse a rainforest feel into our living spaces. Here are eight of the most beautiful indoor plants to help you breathe green clean air in the comfort of your home.

>> Houseplant Octonary

1) Glass Terrariums

These lush miniature landscapes make for refreshing sights and soothing scenery all year-long. They look like tiny oases of lush greenery. glass-terrarium Click here to learn how to grow.

2) Aquatic Plants

Water and plants create a compelling combination, an indoor garden is an ideal place to showcase this attractive marriage of green and blue. You can even include some betta or gold-fish in your aquatic houseplants container. These fishes do well when combined with indoor plants.  aquatic-plant Click here to learn how to grow.

3) Peace lily

Peace lilies are the most productive ones in terms of cleansing the air of the breathing space. These plants also looks different and the top petal stands like a hood of a snake. It needs less light and weekly watering for survival. peace-lily Click here to learn how to grow.

4) Golden Pothos

Golden Pothos grows really fast and looks best in hanging pots. These plants help keep harmful house gases at bay, and stay green even when kept in the dark. golden-pothos Click here to learn how to grow.

5) English Ivy

English Ivy reduces the spread of bacteria especially found in used toothbrushes. It also helps against harmful gases found in cleaning products. 白背景にツタの鉢植え Click here to learn how to grow.

6) Weeping Fig

These plants helps against harmful emissions from curtains, carpets and furniture. The leaves of these plants are very sensitive to small changes in light. If these greens are turned around or re-located they react by shedding and replacing them with new leaves adapted to the new light intensity. weeping-fig Click here to learn how to grow.

7) Green Spider Plant

Green Spider Plants help purify indoor air. It needs to be watered liberally in summer. Green Spider plants are easy to grow and are known to reduce indoor air pollution.  green-spider-plant Click here to learn how to grow.

8) Azalea

Azalea, they flowering shrubs can grow in cool areas but need bright spots. They help against pollutants spurting from plywood furniture and foam insulation. Azalea  Click here to learn to grow.

>>Eightfold Houseplant Care

Houseplants are mostly undemanding and easy to grow, but all indoor plants need a little care now and then. Use our checklist below to keep yours green and growing.

i) Give them the right amount of light Every plant needs some amount of light to grow. Place your plants in the balcony if they need unfiltered bright light.

ii) Don’t drown your plants Most plants need a container with drainage holes, so water doesn’t stand around their roots and cause rotting. If you keep a saucer underneath your plants to catch drips, empty it after watering.

iii) Keep them clean Like anything else in your home, plants get dusty—and dirt can block sunlight. If you see dust, pop your plant in the sink or shower and rinse it with a gentle spray of lukewarm water.

iv) Groom when needed Take off dead or yellow leaves, and cut stems that have lost their leaves to the soil line.

v) Watch for drafts Most plants dislike drafts, so make sure yours aren’t sitting too close to heating or air conditioning vents, or leaky doors and windows.

vi) Add humidity If you see brown tips on the leaves of your plants, the air in your home or office is probably too dry for them.

vii) Watch for problems Insects and diseases can spread fast, so check your plants regularly for signs of trouble.

viii) Check the pot If your plants start drying out faster than usual, or you see roots poking out of the drainage holes, it’s time to repot.

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