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5 Nautical Looks Inspired by ‘Dil Dhadakne Do’!

Ahoy There! We’re sure you enjoyed the recent multi-starrer on a cruise, Dil Dhadakne Do, about an extremely rich Punjabi family. You couldn’t possibly have missed Priyanka Chopra’s sassy and stylish nautical look she donned gracefully, like a diva.


So before you start sailing the nautical mile with nautical style, let’s know how deep the waters really are. Nautical style became extremely famous amongst Hollywood stars in the 20’s after Coco Chanel donned a striped Breton marinière on the French Riviera. Ever since, this trend has been an anchor and isn’t just about a costume for theme parties and children’s suits. The key to understand nautical is white and navy blue, stripes, and a depiction of marine life through mermaids, anchors, compass, shells, fishes, and lighthouses.

Marinière et pantalon en 1928

Photo Courtesy

So, here are five looks that won’t make you look ‘costumey’.

1) Hit the beach            


Photo Courtesy: 1 Fab Alley, 2The Closet Label, 3 Jabong.com

Hit the beach, experience the fair winds and following seas and sail like a sailor in this nautical look. Nautical and beaches go hand in hand. If you’re going to take a cool dip, then add a little oomph with a sexy nautical swim suit or bikini. If you want to just sit back, relax and watch the sun set, you can just wear a midi maxi.

2) Rock the party  


Photo Courtesy: 1 Jabong.com, 2 Ebay.in, 3 Flipkart

Theme party or not, nautical will always make you look glamorous and trendy. Whether it is an after office party or an evening out with friends, nautical is a style that can never fail you, and you will always look opulent.

3) Oh! Not so Casual


Photo Courtesy: 1 Flipkart, 2 Flipkart, 3 Fab AlleyJabong.com

Whether it is a movie or a coffee date with a friend, no one said casuals have to make you look like the usual. It is time to add some sassiness in your wardrobe. Don’t shy off from looking a little edgy; even when it is just casual don’t forget to be the girl with the glam nautical look. If you want to keep it a little subtle then a classic striped Breton mariner is something you must try.

4) Oomph to Office

collage 3

Photo Courtesy: 1 Zara, 2 The Closet Label, 3 Zara

It is time to add a little oomph to your attire. Office wear doesn’t always need to be bland; with the correct amount of stylishness you can sail through. But remember, it is not a theme party; you can be subtle yet look stylish. So add some stripes, some royal navy, and some simple accessories, and you will do just fine.

5) Aye, Aye Kiddies

collage 1

Photo Courtesy: 1 My Little Lambs, 2 Little Pixie, 3 Little Pixie, 4 Little Pixie

The best thing about nautical is that it looks perfect for all regardless of age or gender. So while your kiddies make those little paper boats and play the games of captains & pirates, we’re certain they’ll definitely like to don some nautical-styled clothes.

Here are some accessories to complete your looks!


Photo Courtesy: 1 Style Fiesta 2 Flipkart 3 Flipkart 4 Amazon.in 5 Flipkart 6 Flipkartbags

Photo Courtesy: 1 The Trunk Label, 2 Flipkart, 3 Flipkart 


Photo Courtesy: 1 The Trunk Label, 2 Intoto, 3 Fashionera, 4 Amazon.in


So get ready to man your torpedo, sailor and say aye, to this seafarer’s look! Add little nuances of nautical style and look trendy, stylish and chic!

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2 comments on “5 Nautical Looks Inspired by ‘Dil Dhadakne Do’!

  1. Surbhi Kumar
    July 15, 2015

    OMG, nautical love *sigh* 🙂


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