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8 Steps to Rock your Themed Party


Inviting your friends for a party at home? Great! What’s the theme? Is it another boring and passé get-together? We at Red Polka believe in giving a creative touch to everything we do! So get inspired with these theme ideas, tips and brew it with your magical touch!

Ahoy there! Nautical is totally trending this year – it’s a sight for sore eyes in the recent flick Dil Dhadakne Do! (Check out our earlier article on DDD style here) So this time when you throw a party, rock it in style.

  1. Invite— free-party-invitation-nautical-themeA party starts the minute your invite is out. So make sure you set the mood accordingly. If you plan a nautical themed party, a unique way to let people know would be to send out your invite in a bottle or as paper boats. (Here’s a nautical themed printable invite)
  1. Decor— decorCourtesy: Blue Bed Set by Blueberry Homes, Blue Bottle Lamp by Bouteilles Up, White pillow cover by Blueberry Homes
    When you welcome your guests to your abode, add the mariner’s touch to your home decor with a lot of accents and linens in navy blue, whites, stripes, and more.
  1.  Costume—dressesCourtesy: Dresses by Miss Chase
    (No, you don’t have to transform into Popeye just yet!) Once your house gets a makeover, it’s time you give it to yourself too! Wear an awesome maritime-inspired outfit, complete with sailor’s hat, accessories, or a short dress with stripes.
  1. Serve ware—tableCourtesy: Chevron Napkins by Blueberry Homes, Destructure Ship from byCollage

    Create a splash with some oceanic looking serve ware on your table. Add some blue pottery, create a show-stopper in the form of a beautiful ship centrepiece, and bring out your prettiest striped plates, spoons, and napkins. (Learn a boat-shaped napkin fold here)
  1. Food— july-4th-nautical-party-table-7-e1308621824868Your palate also needs an anchor! Sea food is bound to be on the platter but here are a few interesting recipes you can try to infuse a nautical mood into your menu. Bake nautical element-shaped cookies and cupcakes, pour out the colours of the sea with blue lagoon, and save the best for last with a layered blueberry cheesecake. (check out some mouth watering ideas here)
  1. Playlist— cascades36Play some soothing instrumental music with the sound of gushing waves if you’re looking to set a whimsy mood, or put together a playlist of peppy retro songs that will set the nostalgia flowing and get everyone on the dance floor.
  1. Entertainment— go-fishing-fun-drinking-gameA nautical themed party without pirates and sailors is like a seashore without sea-gulls (check out the rules here). Organize a challenging treasure hunt, or relive childhood memories with “pin the sail on the boat” (rules).
  1. Gifts— giftThank your guests for coming onboard. Give them a candle embellished with anchors and seashells, a compass-shaped soap set, sea-salt flavoured chocolates, aqua bathing salts, or a terrarium (learn how to make a terrarium here.) To add an element of drama, wrap the gifts with dual-coloured ribbons.


All right ladies! We at Red Polka wish you happy partying! And now since you’re a pro in selecting a theme! Here’s a link to our  feature-How to be the Chicest Host in Town, in just 10 steps!

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