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Fashion Photography Secrets No One Will Ever Tell You!

“There is no such thing as ugly, even if your nostrils show or your eyes look bigger it is still beautiful.

Beauty is in your head and in your eyes.

Let your eyes speak, let them reflect the inner you.”– Omkar Chitnis

A fashion model is always poised. And a fashion photographer exactly knows what he wants to construct his frame with! Have you ever wondered how they make fashion look so fabulous? Mariette Valsan and Omkar Chitnis, the supermodel- fashion photographer duo spill the beans on the construction of a good fashion portfolio.

Mariette Valsan

Model: Mariette Valsan | Photographer: Karan Kumar Sachdev

 Mariette Valsan is a model and actor based in Mumbai, India. Valsan has always been an adventurous, outdoorsy type. And naturally drawn to performing, be it acting, singing, debates anything. Being an avid sportsperson as well, she found the opportunity to put all her passions to good use in the field of acting and modelling, where every day is different. She has taken up surfing recently, and is now a qualified advanced scuba diver as well. She loves the sea and everything beautiful.

1) How and when did you decide you wanted to start a career in modelling?

Modelling found me actually, with designer James Ferreira spotting me and actually pushing me to start. Then came the hunt for the Kingfisher Calendar girl, which put me on the map and got me professional representation. That actually started my career in the field.

2) What about being a fashion model do you love most? And dislike most?

What I love the most is that fashion allows everyone involved to unleash their creativity. With a good sense of aesthetic, one can make almost anything work. It is great to see Indian fashion magazines expanding their horizons and taking more risks, creatively. What I wish would evolve with fashion is that I believe it should strive to be relate better to a larger audience.

3) How do you keep yourself so photo-ready all the time?

It is part of my job to be fit and prepared at all time. Most of the time it is the mental state we are in, as models, prepared to work according to the brief given and bring our own personalities into it. But to make a final photo, I cannot take the credit. There is so much work that goes on behind the scenes to make sure that one photo looks the best.

4) Can you give our readers some tips on how to achieve that perfect photograph?

Honestly, there are a lot of things to remember when in front of a camera, like remembering to elongate yourself, stretch, be comfortable, feel the emotion the photographer is looking for because everything is in the eyes. But I think it most importantly comes down to being comfortable and enjoying oneself.

Model: Mariette Valsan Photographer: Omkar Chitnis

Model: Mariette Valsan | Photographer: Mrinmai Parab

5) How important is make-up for photo-shoots? How do you take care of your skin?

Make-up is important because one must realise that for commercial photo-shoots, we cater to the brief that the clients have given us. Nothing works on the model’s whims. But if they are personal shoots, I really am okay either way. I love natural photos. It again depends on the concept. Personally I do not walk around with make-up unless needed for work. To take care of my skin I drink lots of water during the day. Stay hydrated. I wipe off make-up with baby oil immediately after a shoot.

I also stay aware of what is around me, especially when we do guerilla shoots because sometimes we shoot and run. 🙂

And here’s a sneak into a fashion Photographer’s Diary

Omkar Chitnis is a graduate from J. J. Institute of Applied Arts, majors in photography. Born and bought up in Mumbai, Chitnis developed a great understanding for photography and media. He has aced the skills of fashion photography after assisting Prasad Naik and later on started his entrepreneurial journey.

Omkar Chitnis

Omkar Chitnis

1) What makes a photograph beautiful?

It completely depends upon what we’re shooting for and what the designer wants. The colours, textures, location, theme etc. make a lot of difference. Once we have these things in place you start brain storming and making an image of what kind of a model you would like to approach. It is a team work between the designer, photographer, model, make-up artist, light manager and location.

2) What tips would you give our readers to look impeccable in pictures?            

It is extremely important for anyone to do their home work properly

– One should practice the mirror exercise

-click, check, see, repeat

3) What is that one accessory a woman can wear to look perfect?

Confidence, it is the best accessory you can have. (Your outfit may be as ugly as it can be, but you need to be confident to you look good.) —Stop faking it. (If you’re pouting, you need to understand what a pout is.)

4) What angle is perfect for a selfie or a photo shoot?

-Want to look thin, be thin (Or just pose diagonally toward the lens)

-Top angle in the selfie is perfect (again, practice it you don’t want to look like you’re sleeping)

-Chin down will make you look thinner (but not always)

-Lighting matters, front top angle at 8 AM or 4 PM will give you the perfect shadows.

It all needs to blend well and needs to be flawless.

5) How much is too much when it comes to make-up? Is it a myth that the camera needs more make-up? What would you like to say about changing trends in the way make-up is used?

Yes totally, the camera doesn’t need anything but your confidence.

Make-up is not to make you look fair, always choose the foundation tone that matches exactly yours. It has to enhance your look not cover your look. The camera will definitely catch it if you have a very thick layer of make-up.

A simple kohl kajal and a nude shade lip gloss just looks perfect too.

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