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What is Your ‘I’ White?

A colour without colours, white is definitely one colour to show your true self, your inner-self off! This Independence Day when we are celebrating 69 years of freedom in India, what is your freedom style? We spoke to a few young Indian fashion bloggers, all of them super inspiring and free spirited! They share with us their #OOTDs for August 15th. Get inspired, and swagger around in glory!

 1) Aleena Mackar, The Style Chair

The Style Chair is a Beauty and Fashion Blog started by Aleena who is a fashion diva (from birth) and a professional hairstylist, makeup artist and Nail expert.

Aleena Mackar, The Style Chair

Aleena Mackar, The Style Chair

Whether you are working on the 15th of Aug or with family or even decide to bring in 15th with a bang/ desi style there is a look for all.”

 2) Amena Azeez, Fashionopolis

Fashionopolis is a 360 degree approach to all things fashion, beauty, lifestyle and pop culture. From latest fashion week trends to review of latest beauty products, collections, red carpet and street style looks to everyday fashion advice and styling tips, Fashionopolis main aim is to helps people from all walks of life and different body types understand and interpret fashion trends and transform them into everyday styles. Fashionopolis is ‘Your One Stop Fashion-Lifestyle-Trends Destination!’

Amena Azeez, Fashionopolis

Amena Azeez, Fashionopolis

When it comes to a white garment, the first thing that comes to my mind is a white kurta. Along with being easy to style, the kurta is super comfy as well.”

3) Sheefa Gilani, KASH

Sheefa believes in maniacs. She says, “I am a sucker for love, a Balmain freak, and in love with all things hipster. I am a writer, wandering around the globe. KASH consists of my thoughts, personal experiences, and views on fashion with a focus on spotlights and new talents. I have a disturbing weakness for Cara Delevingne. My love of fashion was initially a leisure pursuit, which then developed into something all-consuming and now is my number one passion. I am a full-time fashion mushroom at Miss Malini and I absolutely love every bit of it. Love and Light.”

Sheefa Gilani, KASH

Sheefa Gilani, KASH

My Independence style comprises of dressing up in a little blue polka dot dress with retro sleeves to rock that super cute #OldSchool look (: ”

4) Tanvi Rastogi, www.tanvii.com

Tanvii.com is an eccentric, creative and stylish place for women of all ages. Tanvii.com (previously known as The Fabulous Life of Not-So-Rich & Infamous) was launched in January 2009 as a diary of Tanvi’s new martial adventure along with her fitness journey. In 2010 the blog transitioned into an everyday style diary with snippets of life thrown in. Tanvi’s fashion and life advices are unadulterated and up to point. Today the blog has become an online resource for women around the globe for easy style inspiration, exchanging life anecdotes and encouragement to just be who they want to be!

Tanvi Rastogi, www.tanvii.com

Tanvi Rastogi, http://www.tanvii.com

“Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no influence on society.” – Mark Twain

5) Bhawna Yadav, By Muse

Bhawna Yadav, By Muse

Bhawna Yadav, By Muse

“My Outfit of the day would be this little white dress with few colourful indie bangles or a Jadau cuff and a bindi for an old world charm and juxtaposition. On Independence Day, I would rejoice minimalism. Every opinion is reforming and so is Fashion.I love to fly kites every year as a ritual.”

Is your dose of white ready for the ‘I’ Day? Here are a few tips to wear your white right!

i) Make your White Skirt a Full Skirt

To start, put away your pencil skirts in favor of one that’s full and white. Pair it with a skinny neutral belt and loose tank blouse, or try a lightweight skirt.

ii) Shoe off Sheer

For a full-out sheer look, layer a white sheer top over a tube top. For a more attainable approach, wear a sheer sleeved white dress of a chick shirt.

iii) Wear it tailored

Tailor cut white jackets and pants look great. Wear tailored white top-to-bottom, or mix and match your separates to vary your outfit options.

iv) Add some Shine with Metallics

Turn a casual outfit into something party-worthy with shades of metallic, especially silver. Tuck a white blouse into a silver and white printed skirt or junk up a lot of silver jewelry. You’re sure to wear a chic fusion look.

v) Layer it on

White looks just as good as a single item as it does on an entire outfit. Layer white upon white upon white and finished the look with white hair accessories, a white purse and white shoes. Think it’s too much? Not around this time. Try it on!


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