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Doodle Away with Alicia Souza


Get bored, you’ll doodle! Don’t we just love doodling? Haven’t we always enjoyed filling up our journals with doodles? These doodles spark creativity in us, and give you a quick “aha” feeling! So, we talk to Alicia Souza, one of the top ten women illustrators in India. Each of Souza’s sketches has character – the lettering, the colour scheme, and everything. These are illustrations that will brighten up your day for sure.


We hope you get inspired with her work and take a pencil now, doodle, and break free from all the stress in your life!

Here’s a tête-à-tête

 1) What kind of thoughts and inspirations go into Alicia Souza art work?

Well, just the same thoughts I imagine anyone else having, to be honest! I feel like I think the same, which is why a lot of people relate to my work/ thoughts. I do however, always keep an eye out for funny things or things to draw.

2) Tell us the positives of your profession? And the negatives?

Top 3 of


  1. I never ever get bored
  2. It makes me a happier person creating and drawing
  3. I can work in my pyjamas


  1. It can be stressful working as a freelancer as nothing is set in stone
  2. Even when I’m on vacation, I’m working (well, if you call looking for fun things working!)
  3. I think I’m a bit spoilt now

3) Tell us something about your style of illustration.

Contrary to popular belief, I actually have multiple styles but the style I’m ‘known’ for is the one that I use for work and now most of my illustrations because it’s just stuck. I’m not blest with a lot of patience unfortunately, so I can’t spend days on one drawing. I’m more of a quick-dash drawing to tell a story.


4) How do you come up with such happy art? How do you de-stress and unwind?

I always have a new obsession which is what I do when I’m not drawing. Because drawing is my de-stressing thing to do as well, I try to throw in other things just to move things around a bit. I love baking, and now paper cutting. I write letters and also sometimes learn new subjects. I’m also dabbing in yoga, which is so much fun.

5) Request you to give our readers 5 tips on taking a pencil in their hands and expressing themselves through doodling/drawing.

  1. Draw whatever’s in your head
  2. Carry a notebook with you, or keep a notebook at hands reach so you can draw when you feel like
  3. Vent with drawings/ writing
  4. Make it a habit
  5. Write/ draw love notes
  6. (Let me give you an extra tip!) Enjoy it!


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