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6 DIY Gift Wrapping Ideas You Must Try Now!

gift wrapping
Giving a gift is important but have you thought by just the way you wrap your gift can make a lot of difference too? Since Gift wrapping is such an integral part of gifting, just to complement our Gifting Special Edition! Here are six DIY gifting techniques you should totally try this time for your special bond!

1) Pyramid


Aren’t pyramids just so mystical and beautiful? If you know someone who loves them too here’s a pyramid style gift wrapping technique.

Things you’ll need:

Paper, scissors, pencil, ruler, punch machine, ribbon


>> On the paper make a square and on each end make symmetrical triangles.  Draw a very light arc on each side of the triangle to make them look like a flower petal.

>> With a scissor follow the arc and cut it to look like (1) image.

>> With a punch make holes on each edge.

>> Fold the arcs inwards for it to take the shape of the triangle.

>> Now put the ribbon through it! Tada! We’re done.

2) Polka dot

polka dot

Love someone who loves polka dots? Here’s an easy breezy DIY idea!

Things you’ll need:

Eraser pencil, white stamp pad or paint, brown paper, ribbon, artificial roses


>> Dunk the pencil eraser into the white stamp pad and randomly put impressions on the brown paper. Let it dry for some time and then use it to wrap your wonderful gift.

>> Tie a ribbon in a fourfold bow and tug a few roses to it.

3) Heart cut out
Heart someone, truly? Prove it!

Things you’ll need:  Red glitter paper, brown paper, scissors, pencil and cutter


>> On a white paper draw a small heart, cut it out and on the brown paper with that cut out draw hearts.

>> Now cut a slit on half side of the heart. Now cut small rectangles of the red paper and stick it on the back side of the heart. Now repeat the same for the others.

4)  Doily Wrap


Doilies are not just for cakes and tea pots, they make a lovely accessory for gift wrapping as well.

Things you’ll need:

Doily, ribbon and jute rope

On your gift box either takes a plain paper or just on the boxes, Put a doily, then put a satin ribbon above it and then tie a fourfold bow above it.

5) Fan Wrap

Trendy Red Sequins Sandals

Things you’ll need:

Doily, Gifting paper and scissor, glue


>> Take the gifting paper, cut it into a square. Now, with the help of a scale make equal horizontal folds making it into a Japanese fan.

>> Once you’re done with the whole fan then tie it with a thin thread in the middle of the fan. Once that is done, take both the ends and bring them together and stick them.

>> Now the fan will look like a circle. Stick a doily on it. Tada! You’re done with a cute wrapping accessory.

6) Duct Tape Wrap


Things you’ll need:

Duct tape, brown paper, scissor and stapler


>> On a brown paper stick a duct tape, and cut the excess paper from the side of the tape.

>> Now fold the duct tape into half and then from both ends fold it inwards and seal it with a stapler.

>> Now take a small piece of brown paper duct tape and then wrap it in the middle of the bow.

>> Now you can stick duct tape on your gift box and attach the bow to it!

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