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Highstreet- Bandra: LIFESTYLE

Step out and visit Bandra today! Remember, you need to shop amazing stuff for your homes! The Red Polka team goes to the nicest decor destinations in Bandra. And, here are things we think you could use to transform your house  into a warm place you’ll love to live in, your home!

Destination 1- DHOOP

The warmth and beauty of Dhoop, Bandra’s fantabulous gift and decor store is effulgent. Each product here is hand-picked by Aradhana Nagpal, the founder. The magic of handicraft begins as soon as you enter. What also caught our attention here is the fun-casual collection exhibited by Diya Mehta Clothing.


  • Pink Paper Vase
  • Vintage Brass Betelnut Cracker
  • Garden Jug and Tumbler Set
  • Elefantastic Coffee Mugs

Destination 2- FREEDOM TREE

When you are in Bandra, how can you ever miss Bandra Breeze? Visit this place for the beautiful decor store- Freedom Tree. The spirit at Freedom Tree is to celebrate modern India as a vibrant design destination, everything out-of-the-box!


  • Dot and Line Jars
  • Pink and Peach Cloud Cushions
  • Nature Inspired Indigo Kitchenware.

Destination 3- SANCTUM

When we visited the store, it was raining. And believe us when we say that this blue store with its white French windows is enchanting. Sanctum is a furniture and lifestyle store by Sandhya Gorthi, specializing in vintage, retro, shabby chic and industrial designs.


  • Wooden Cabinet
  • Hands Shot Glasses
  • White Wood Drawer Chest
  • Words Worth Bookends
  • Elan Lunch Box

Destination 4- THE WHITE WINDOW

The elegance of Twinkle Khanna’s decor store glares at you as you enter the showroom, the store manager Sarah is very helpful and will show you all the stuff you would really want to buy. All the products are curated, hence you’ll never not like something here.


  • Owl Wall Paintings
  • Mogul elegant Wine Glasses
  • Yellow and Blue Bottle Vases
  • Diwali Gift Hampers

Destination 5- INDIAN REVERIE

When you’re on Turner Road, look opposite the local restaurant Tava and you’ll see a beautiful warm place filled with amazing home decor artifacts- Indian Reverie. You’ll find carefully curated home décor accessories that are capable of creating a dreamy and ethnic vibe at your home.


  • Stoneware Green Plate
  • Hanging T-Ligh Holders
  • Copper Napkin Rings
  • Glass and Brass Vintage Lamp Holders

Destination 6- VAMIRN

Beautifully tucked away from the hustle and bustle of Bandra, Vamirn is bang opposite Fabindia-Home. This place should be on your list for some very beautiful customized decor accents. And their pricing will delight you.


  • Bombay-Bandra Table Lamp
  • Victorian Clock
  • Mini Rajasthan Blue Pottery Chest of Drawers

Destination 7- THE SHOP

You won’t get a parking spot, but it is worth all the driving around. This cool and cozy bungalow will attract you for it’s cool red walls. Enter, and you’ll want to pick up the cute fabric toys, and outstanding decor and fashion designs. Here are some of the things we really liked.


  • Stoneware Basket
  • Stoneware Soup Bowls and Tumblers
  • Red Sequins Cushion Covers

Destination 8- MARRY ME

A visit to Bandra means you definitely have to break at Candies for a quick bite, right? While you gorge on some scrumptious meals, this inviting little store on the first level of this bungalow restaurant will entice you to enter it. The shop will instantly take you to England with its decor and English pastel colours and their products make beautiful gifts options.


  • Cute Doggy Collar
  • Mr. and Mrs. Coffee Mugs
  • Copper and Brass Jewelry Trunks
  • Garden Jars

Destination 9- LOOSE ENDS

Loose Ends is one store that retails stuff less ordinary. In the lane just opposite Shoppers’ Stop the store stands strong with a cool and quirky collection of accents that would make for amazing gifting options.
  • Poppadum Art Kettle Lamps
  • Monochrome Animal Sketch handkerchiefs
  • Quirky Tote Bags
  • Punk Pouches

Destination 10- FABINDIA

What is there in Fabindia that we don’t like? Nothing! We love their new decor collection.This shop is dedicated to home decor and the collection out here is amazing.


  • Honeycomb Brass and Glass Vase
  • Glass and Wood Kitchen Jars
  • Snail T Light Holder

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