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5 Festive Looks With Indian August!


Located admist of the hustle bustle of Delhi, is a beautiful store that promotes Indian handloom and an exclusive range of organic khadi in natural dyes—Indian August. This brand blends Indian roots with contemporary designs. The seed of this brand came to Sanjogita Kaul while she was working at NIFT. Here, she was exposed to various designs in multiple aspects, which further lead to curiosity about the richness of Indian textile and handicrafts. These discoveries intrigued her and motivated her to dig deeper into it, this fascination weaved the idea of leaving her mundane job and walking towards a new dream—Indian August.

Indian August proudly bridges the gap between the artisans at the grass root level and the urban market; it also aims to bring beautiful designs into our homes, décor, attires and in our way of living. Indian August was named after the primary symbolism of the month of August in the Indian calendar—the inception month of festivals—it brings joy, happiness and prosperity into our lives and as the word ‘august’ also meant majestic hence, their idea was simple— ‘bring majestic joy and happiness into the lives of people’.

So here’s a quick chat with Sanjogita Kaul and five looks she hand-picked just for Red Polka readers—

1) Tell us something about the logo and the story behind it.

The logo was finalised after a lot of efforts and research; the motif depicts its ethnic roots with a contemporary flavour, adds bliss when you look at it, and hence, this one was selected.

2) Tell us something about your collections and the inspiration behind it.

Indian August’s collection largely revolves around Indian handicraft and weaving and printing techniques. All these pieces of art are designed keeping the quintessential Indian woman in mind, and her chic comfort.

3) Tell us about your association with handloom and your designers.

Indian August believes in handloom and  the promotion of Indian crafts which  reflect a contemporary vocabulary. We provide a platform for free expression of designers, artists and crafts enthusiasts.

4) Define Indian August in one sentence?

Indian August is the one-stop-destination for a unique shopping experience which offers a range of fashion, home accessories and art for the Connoisseurs of elegance.

Here are five looks curated from the Indian August collection for the festivities! 

  1. The Desikali Look
    The Desi Look
  2. The Funky Fusion Look
    Funky Fusiob LOOK
  3. The Flirty Skirt Look
    Flirty Skirt Look
  4. The Drape of Elegance Look
    The Drape of Elegance Look
  5. The Heavy Dupatta Cheat
    The Heavy Duppatta Look

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