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A Day in the Life of a Beautiful You!


We have only 24 hours in a day, how do we make every hour a beautiful one? DETAILING is the key! Today, we present to you 24 total ‘adorb’ items ever curated on Red Polka. These picks have a potential to add a lot of glee and character to your every day life . Enjoy! 

(We have curated designs according to your hourly needs and desires)

For Sunkissed Mornings

When you wake up all you need is some encouragement to actually get up from your comfortable bed and get along the day. Here are products to make your morning a chirpy one!

1) Serving Slate by Decography

Here’s a lovely slate serving plate from the house of Decography. Just write something sweet on it while you serve something sweet on it.


2) Let’s Get Outta Here coffee Mug- LetterNote

Enjoy a lovely morning tea/coffee and encourage yourself to break the monotony of life and “let’s get outta here”!


3) Cat Socks- Happy Socks

Hitting the gym or wearing shoes to work today? It’s a fun thing to wear a quirky pair of socks. Happy Socks have some really cool ones!


4) Classic Swansea Lady- Ikka Dukka

This classic indigo watch by Ikka Dukka is a must-have accessory! The colour is so beautiful that is can match with any ensemble. Everyday beautiful, indeed!


5) Alluring Golden Ear Cuffs- Pilgrim

Change your accessories often. These golden cuffs are extremely beautiful and will give a tinge of chicness to your ensemble.


6) Embellished Mirror- Anaya by Akruthi 

This embellished mirror is a perfect accent for your wall. The breezy sea detailing on its frame is charming.


7) The Luella Brogue- the Trunk Label

Put your best foot forward every day! These Luella Brogue are beautiful and the delicate lace detailing give these shoes an ultra-feminine look! Pair them with a day dress or a funky pair of shorts! Have fun!


8) Be Happy Badge- ThinkPot

You need a badge to remind yourself that you’re young at heart always, and that you’re alive and kicking. This one from ThinkPot does just that!


Merciless Middays

Middays are moments when you feel the long day will never end. So style up your summery afternoons and early sun set hours with some very stylised accessories and stationery.

9)  Hand Painted Paisley Silk Tie- Rang Rage

Ties are here for us, women! Ties look exquisite. It is sure to look great with any solid colour shirt and will immediately spruce up your look!

neck-tie-silk-tie-classy-paisley- Rangrage

10) Love Flowers iPhone 6 Cover- LetterNote

Spread some love ladies! This beautiful ‘Love’ phone cover is extremely cute! So prep-up to have some fun!

Love Flowers iPhone 6 Cover-LetterNote

11) Dabbawala Tiffin Box- Elan

Carrying lunch is an everyday affair! Add some colour to your ghar-ka-khaana with Elan’s dabbawalla tiffin box! You can also dazzle up your space by using it to organize your knick-knacks.

dabbawalla collage

12) Handcrafted Toast Wrap- Studio KASSA

A perfect toast wrap for all your cards and cash. This wallet is handmade with perfection and the leather used is very soft. This toast wrap will be perfect for your business travels and everyday chic.


13) Indigo and Leather iPad Sleeve- BetelLeaf

Now that we are talking about work accessories, this comes as a pleasant delight. Get stylish with this beautiful leather iPad sleeve. We totally love the indie look it has! The diamond texture looks extremely rich.


14) Colourful Notebooks- Sundarban

Doodle away in colourful notebooks with colourful pages. These notebooks from Sundarban make up for your dose of everything handmade and ethnic.


15) Step into Nature Handmade Flats- Tortus

Step into nature with these beautiful handmade flats from the house of Tortus. We love the minimalist look which makes these flats look so calming and elegant.

Green Steps- Tortus

16) Honey Sunglasses- Habbana 

When you have to fight the scorching sun, you should definitely do it in style! These sunnies make up for an amazing eye accessory.


Sun Down Skies

When the sun prepares to set and you’re entering you warm abode, you need things around you to pamper you and spoil you with love and comfort. Here are some of your best bets!

17) Botanic Table Lamp- Dhoop

This table lamp makes for a beautiful home accent. Lighting is an important part of any home decor. The botanic print on the lampshade will give your house forest detailing that will spread some raw and rustic charm.

FOREST - Botanic Table Lamp-Dhoop

18) Shoe Bags for Her- Blueberry Home

We all love shoes, right? We think all shoes deserve some special treatment, and these bags will flatter them all.


19) Write on Me Planter- Heart- Poppadum Art

Show some love, welcome your loved one with a message, and you know plants have the capability to make you happy! This is superb!


20) Message Bandages- Dotted i

Want to give out a message in a quirky way? Put these adhesive bandages on their wounds and let them know! These fun details will totally crack them up!

Bandaids- Dottedi

21) Drummer Cushion Cover- Chungi

Every festival should be full of music and vibrancy. This cushion cover made from Chanderi is just so perfect!


22) Party Tonight Heels- INTOTO

Every night is party night, but when you doll up for those fancy dinners and dances, make sure you step into the best shoes ever! Sparkle on!


23) Mandira Belt- The Trunk Label

Every ensemble can look different, only if you know how to accessorize it well. A belt is one of the most important and one of the most ignored piece of accessory in a woman’s wardrobe. So check this out! (Find some amazing wardrobe hacks here)


24) Saxophone Bookmark- Gifts of Love

Marry your two loves- music and reading. This metal cut-work bookmark will encourage you to pick up your favourite book and read on!


Detailing our every day life enhances it’s beauty and encourages us to strive for the best. We are go getters, and we deserve the best. Isn’t it? Do everything you love, every day!

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