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The Journey from Varanasi to the World Wide Web | story of Aparna Kulkarni of Mohh India

We’re celebrating women power and victory with our ongoing edition ‘The Dance of Colours’, on the same lines let us tell you the story of Mohh India’s founder, Aparna Kulkarni. Let’s understand what drove her to give up her flourishing career in banking to become an entrepreneur, and her journey from Varanasi to the World Wide Web.

 Aparna-meenakari17 years strong, Mohh India knows exactly what the quintessential Indian woman likes when it comes to accessorizing. The brand takes pride and responsibility for revival of manufacturing techniques, weaves, embroideries and craftsmanship in India a huge lot. From exquisite silver jewelry to enchanting potli bags, Mohh has it all.

Here’s a quick tete-a-tete with Aparna

 >> Tell us about your journey from Varanasi to the world of web.

 I was born in Varanasi and my family belongs to this spiritual capital of India. For me Varanasi tells me stories of beautiful handcrafted temples and idols; a maze of people who are so charming and so honest; a hub of weavers who will weave their warp and weft as per their artistic choice and not according to their need; and finally a zone which is so ancient that it seems like the whole of India pours its heart here. We have a fabulous workshop in Varanasi creating products using the original Pink Meenakari that enchanted me and encouraged me to take this art form and offer it to the world. And the easiest platform I could think of was the World Wide Web.

On a lighter note, there are cows everywhere, and there are sadhus offering you the ultimate salvation, there is also music and dance. All these soulful and creative experiences elevate my aesthetic senses. The organization in all the mess is enchanting.

Chants of the Ganga - Canvas Clutch

Chants of the Ganga – Canvas Clutch

>> Aparna, tell us what inspires Mohh?

Mohh is all about accentuating the everyday life of women. The village woman who effortlessly works the seemingly-complicated loom with its rhythmic thud; The potter who uses his bare hands to mold clay into a work of art; The colourful threads and yarns of pure silk that magically transform into yards of fabrics; The royal stories of Begums and their vivacious past; Motifs that tell a story in every painstaking weave, stitch and design, all these lives in our life inspire us. We believe in skills and stories, and the enchanting simplicity in the art of India.

The Mohh team travels to nooks and corners of our amazing country. We have successfully recreated products using Partazi Meena from Varanasi, Filgree Wire work form Bengal, and Binni, which is actually braiding of precious metal from Orissa.  We gather inspiration from the rich Indian culture and heritage.

How we create…

The essence of every collection is to celebrate the essential femininity in the modern Indian woman.

Here’s a sneak peek into our collection

The Shakuntala Collections….

This collection is based on flowers which have adorned every woman since the Vedic times. The natural beauty of the petals has been used to create this collection.

beautiful rings inspired by the beautiful story of Shakuntala

The Mastani collection

Indian women have always had an extra element in their personality, that of sensuality.  Inspired by the linear walls of the Peshwa Fort, this collection is bold and majestic, and named after Baji Rao Mastani, the Peshwa wife.

Mohh cover

The Istanbul Dusters….

In Turkey, the brides are gifted a hair ornament by their fathers called nic’e…which is worn on the forehead and falls onto the shoulders. The weight of the nic’e represents the financial strength of the bride’s father. This collection is dedicated to all the daughters of loving fathers.

istanbul collage

The story of Mohh’s journey is awe-inspiring. Come, let’s show you a few products that you’ll love to don this festive season.


Pearl Floral Bali with a Jhumki

Red Green Karnaphool Jhumki

Red Green Karnaphool Jhumki


Nathni- Silver Nose Pins

Nathni- Silver Nose Pins

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3 comments on “The Journey from Varanasi to the World Wide Web | story of Aparna Kulkarni of Mohh India

  1. Rati pandya
    October 21, 2015

    Yey apu! Congrats!


  2. Nita shetty
    October 23, 2015

    Way to go girl ! Congrats!


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