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This full week we celebrated the spirit of #HappyKids = #HappyMoms, and it was great fun! Today we take you through life in the city. How would you manage your work-life balance? Let us share a story!

It’s been a good year- 2015, working at Red Polka among and around some very happy, young and enthusiastic people (not to forget- foodies). Out of which we have a vivacious young mom, our Business Development head, Charu Razdan. She has a cute little baby of two years, and we know this little munchkin a little too well, it’s fun to be around her. She spreads her charm at all our parties and celebrations. We’ve seen quite a few cute videos and pictures where she is grinning away with Charu on her phone; Her toothy smile is infectious. This woman has to be appreciated. She took a small break after having a baby and bounced back to the competitive professional world, and she rocks it. She makes time to kiss the baby as much as she can, reads her stories, they both click away a lot of selfies (the daughter is a photographer already!), and they go out a lot.

Her eight fold mantra of work- life balance-

i) Don’t give up on your dreams
ii) Work is important, so is life- balance it out
iii) Kids come first
iv) Don’t forget to date your husband
v) Every morning is a new day, seize it
vi) Take the plunge; learn one new thing from everyday situations
vii) Dress up and accessorise (Her collection of earrings is enviable!)
viii) Wear a smile, life falls in place anyways


The earrings we spoke about

It’s about time all mommies start loving themselves! It is time we stop feeling guilty of leaving our lovely baby back home. Your baby deserves to see a strong and successful woman in you, a woman she can look up to. And she’ll thank you for this one day. Get a nanny even if you have parents or relatives to help you raise your kids. Your kid wants to spend quality time with you, quantity is just a number.

PS- Answer their calls, their quick chatters and giggles will remind you that they’re waiting for you back home. So much to look forward to already 🙂


Here are a few fun places in the city to visit with your kid(s) this weekend, because every one of us needs to unwind and curl in with our lovelies every now and then.
1) A Night Under the Stars
The monsoons are now well behind us and the camping season is well on. Sanjay Gandhi National Park is hosting an overnight camp this weekend. Mumbaikars seeking a pure, nocturnal wilderness experience, filled with interesting natural history and interstellar insights, this is the place to be!
Do make use of this opportunity as the forest promises to awe-inspire you all with a scintillating camping delight.

Date: November 21, Saturday (Evening) to November 22, Sunday (Morning).


2) Cracking Smiles at the Nutcracker
This tiny gem is a great place for all-day breakfast. Try their fluffy buttermilk pancakes, or mushroom on a toast, or eggs (done in many different ways). The pesto panini is super too. No matter what you have here, be sure to leave enough space in your tummy to have their signature dessert – seven layer cookie with vanilla ice cream. And after you are done, just walk around the awesome and historically rich neighbourhood- Fort, Kala Ghoda. This activity has something for everyone.

The Nutcracker.jpg

3) Food for Thought at Kitab Khaana
Go to a book store, and introduce your little one to the scintillating smell of new books mingling with the aromas of a fresh vegan kitchen. This place has been famous for its location. But we think it’s very engaging to have a quaint cafe inside a book store and you surely don’t find many of these in India, do you? Pick a book, read a few pages to them, try their good soul food made with a ‘Bombay’ twist, the bhel puri sandwhich is quite interesting, waffles with maple syrup is soul-soothing. The baked cheese cake here is toe ‘curling-ly’ good and a perfect way to start of the new books you just purchased.

4) Dinner at Le Pain Quotidien (LPQ) or 212 All Day Cafe & Bar 

Now that you’ve had a long beautiful weekend with you little one, it’s time to treat yourself with burgers, fish and chips at Cafe 212, or smoked chicken and cheddar tartine, mac and cheese, spaghetti and pasta at LPQ with light music in the background.


Have a rocking weekend ahead, all!

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