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Jewelry for the Raw and Sensual with Mohita of Pulido Bozal

Jhaansi Ki Rani’ as she calls herself, Mohita Dixit is a happy housemaker- making amazing jewelry at Pulido Bozal. Meet her and you’ll know why she is called what she is called! This lady is full of life and energy, and her hands are her gift of god. Her hands are meant to create- she sketches, she cooks, she writes, everything brilliant. Today we present you a slice of her life and sneak into her amazing jewelry designs for you to #GetSetParty this celebratory season.


“I love to write poems, and pen down my emotions. I am expressive and overly impulsive. I think I am can express easily because of different dance forms that I trained in- Kathak, Belly Dance, Jazz and Salsa. I like all things organized, a little obsessive about that, and I love cooking. The fact that I can bring aromas of the world into my kitchen with just one activity (cooking), I am definitely on it!” Her personality totally translates into her designs.

Mohita is from a small town in India, Jhaansi. She is very close to her roots. This place was always close to her heart all along her growing up days in Delhi, Jaipur and Mumbai. While all these places have influenced her life in one way or another, her recent trip to New York has really helped her grow as a person. Here she has inhaled the air that emcourages freedom of thought and innovation. Here, her creative self found a quick getaway and banked on some cool design ideas.

The jewelry company her dad and she founded in 2011 found a new horizon. Till recently they were into whole-selling and exporting. “I was receiving a lot of appreciation for my designs and I used to see my designs in various fashion magazines, all under different labels as we were supplying to a lot of big jewelry brands in India and abroad. Also, I realized these pieces were priced very highly. I was being acknowledged as a designer in some trade magazines, and that’s when it struck me that it might be a little tedious to retail, but it’d be all worth it to now establish my brand, and bring my talent to some use.” Being a fashion conscious woman, Mohita’s designs are uber cool and fashionable, all under a price tag that is reasonable for the quality she provides.

The naming of her brand also has an interesting twist, and here’s Mohita’s explanation- “Pulido Bozal  is a Spanish name, where ‘Pulido’ means ‘polished’, and ‘Bozal’ means ‘raw’, the brand is an ode to all the women who choose to embrace their imperfections and shine on! None of my designs take away the attention from the wearer, every woman who decks herself in Pulido Bozal is a star, she is meant to dazzle, Pulido Bozal accentuates this woman, never overpowers.”


 Today she wants to give us a few tips on how to team up accessories to bring out the beauty of any ensemble-

  1. Pair a statement necklace with a cocktail ring
  2. Or, pair statement earrings with a cocktail ring
  3. Head gears are in, pair one with a nice hand accessory
  4. Or you can take a traditional route of pairing a statement necklace with a bracelet.

Never ever wear all of these things together.Wear clean cuts (clothes) and deck them up with a little blingy accessories, never over do it, it’ll kills the whole ensemble.

Here are five picks from her collection- we think you should definitely own to rock a perfect party look!

1) Rosette Cocktail Ring

This ring is a bunch of roses that will make you and everyone who looks at you gaga over your very feminine are fashionista look. This ring is the queen of all rings for women who love letting their feminine side out. with its openable shank you can wear it either index or ring finger and you’re ready to go.

Plain Silver Ring- Pulido Bozal- Red Polka


2) Box Jalee Bangle

This bangle is going to let you go crazy when ever  you put it on. With its asymmetrical borders it will remind you of all thing imperfect and beautiful.

Plain Silver Bangle-pulido bozal- red polka

3) Bohemian Silver Necklace

This necklace is our current favorite. You could wear it with your maxi dress, LBD , white anarkali or any western or ethnic attire, it will add an instant statement to you outfit while giving you a Bohemian feel.


4) Silver Flower Danglers

These earrings are perfect for your Thanksgiving dinner or you friend’s sangeet as they will pair up both with western and Indian outfits really well.

Silver Ear Ring With White Cz Round- pulido bozal


5) Peacock Green Onyx Earrings

These are just about enough when you’re going to a wedding party , you don’t need anything else along with these as they will steal the show anyways.

silver earrings with oynx- pulido bozal- red polka

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