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5 Hot Makeup Styles to Flaunt this Party Season

Party and wedding season has kicked in and you have to #GetSetParty. It’s time to ace your sartorial game with trendy wear, fashionable heels,  and of course, you need to look chic with the right makeup that goes with the occasion. Ditch the plain Mary Jane look for the upcoming party season, and take a look at our list of five awesome ideas for you to make a dazzling appearance at your scintillating parties and enthrall your relatives and guests.

1) Metallic Gold Smokey Eyes to Oomph Up Your Look

Whether you’ve got a big family gathering or a fancy gala to attend, emulating a stark gold eye makeup look is something that is sure to add glamour to your overall look. A high-shimmer, high-pigment shadow creates a sophisticated look. For a denser gold look, opt for a stiff, flat eye brush; and for a light look, pick up a fluffier eye brush as it’ll not allow to pick more colour. Always remember to fill up your brows in medium brown shade when playing with coloured eyeshadows for a well-sculpted look. To give your face an extra dimension, do not forget to apply marcara and a slim coating of black eyeliner. For lips, opt for a deep maroon or wine shade for that iridescent, jewel tone pout. Go out there and shine!

Product recommendations for the eyes: Bobbi Brown Metallic Eye Shadow – ITEM 1290808  SIZE 0.1 oz

eye 1eye 3

 2) High cheekbones for the Brighter Afternoon Look

Fancy emulating Kareena Kapoor’s statement high-cheekbone look for the evening parties? Puck your lips (keep it boldly coloured) and suck your cheeks inwards as well, to get the high cheekbone makeup look right. For the cheeks, you could use bronzer or blush in shimmery dark tones, which brings about a definition. Two strokes of blush or bronze well-blended just above the cheekbones, along with pearl highlighter right above the cheekbones and one the tip of your nose is enough to get that dewy look. It is a great way to transform your skin into a flawless canvas. Go matte on the eye shadow to balance the look, and use dark kohl for both the upper and lower lids to seal the look.

Product recommendations for the eyes: COVERGIRL Cheekers Face Bronzer and Sculpting Powder Pro Palette, Mac.

cheek 1cheek 2

 3) Quirky and Fun Two-toned Neon Lips for an Evening Soiree (Ombre Lips)

Because one color just isn’t enough sometimes! Flaunt this killer pink-to-orange pout and go right ahead to flaunt your style unapologetically. Grab hold of a pink lip liner and draw carefully only on your outer corner lip line. Give two-three strokes of lip liner on the middle part of your lower lip to get more prominent results. Now apply your lipstick aesthetically inside the lip line. Blend the colours well using a lip brush for that seamless impressive look. Apply clear gloss over it, if need be. To balance the look, apply a nude blush on cheeks and keep the eye makeup neutral with defined eye liner. Adding another shade to the mix and using two-tones on lips is a great way to create that notice-me look this party season.

Product recommendations for the lips: Use a bright-pink pencil, such as MAC’S ‘Embrace Me’ to line your lips and neon-pink shade – Lipstick in ‘Schiap’ by Nars.

two lips 1

two toned lips 2.jpg

4) Flirty Flushed Cheeks for that Au Naturel Appearance

If there’s one trend we simply can’t get enough of, it has to be the flirty cheeks look, which is sure to exude your fresh-faced makeup look with utmost élan. Start by applying an even base. Opt for a foundation that completely matches your complexion. Now, apply a rosy tint or peachy shade blush to accentuate your cheeks. Make sure to suck in your cheek and pout as much as you can while using your blusher in downwards to upward direction. Pair up this understated look with loads of masacara, a winged eyeliner and a natural shade lip balm. The trick here is to not look like a blushing clown, but to choose a cream blush instead of your powder blush. That too two tones darker than your skin colour.


Product recommendations for the cheeks: Maybelline Cheeky Glow Blush, Fresh Coral (7g)

 flushed cheeks 1.jpeg

 flushed cheeks 2

 5) Chic Square Eyeliner Look for Dressier Nights

Bored with the cat eye look? Yes, pls! Try this thick and squared-off look this season, which is such a rage this season. Team this look with touches of stiff pointy brush and a dark eyeliner and see how your Black Swan moment would come through eloquently. The trick is to apply translucent powder right before applying liner. Start by pulling your eyelid towards the temple and hold your skin as tightly as you can. Now, draw a thick streak of liner along the upper lash lines with the help of felt-tip eyeliner pen and flick the line in an upward direction just past the outer corners. Fill the insides with pencil. Clean up the extra using cue tips. There you have it, your thick, squared-off wing looks super chic with a matte finish-and no mascara.

Product recommendations for the eyes: Guerlain Liquid Eyeliner in Noir ebene.

square eyeliner 1squar4e eyeliner 2

We hope now you know how to emulate one of these five chic looks and get set party! Go right ahead and flaunt the inner diva and dazzle this party season! Let us know how it went!


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