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8 Super Useful Hacks to Travel Light & Holiday in Style

While we all love travelling the world and making memories for a lifetime, we all tend to make one travel mistake- heavy luggage! So today let’s talk about how we can travel light, yet carry everything we’d need on a holiday!

Quick tip-  The trick to travelling light is minimizing your packing and carrying versatile products and clothes. Also, limiting what’s secondary and what can be managed without. After all, travelling light not only saves money- you don’t have to pay for excess baggage at the airport – but  also helps you focus on the experience of travel.

Here’s our list of eight super useful (and practical) hacks to keep it light while upping your style game for the forthcoming vacation.

1) Opt for time-saving double-duty beauty products – Look for multipurpose products, such as BB creams that have SPF in them or mascaras that can be used as eyeliners when pressed close to your waterline for an effortless, smudged daytime look. You could also opt for double-ended multicoloured eyeliner pencils, retractable dual foundation and powder brush to perk up your evening soiree look. These two-in-one products will not only save you time and money, but also precious space in your purse.


Soni Kashuk Retractable Tools dual Foundation/ Power Brush




CK One 2Double- Ended Eyeliner


2) Bring vividness and versatility to your travelling wear – In hopes you’ll find more versatility in whatever you carry with you while travelling, think of broadening your sartorial imagination. Carry one-piece dresses in solid colours, such as black, blue and red as you can easily amplify your versatility, comfortability and most importantly, styling factor with them. Add a sweater to turn your dress into a makeshift skirt, put on a T-shirt underneath your dress for a nerdy chic look, or simply add a slim belt to it to give your shapely curves some structure. You could even toughen up your look with a leather jacket and leggings to brave the cold climes. The secret lies on wearing one dress in many different ways without ever getting noticed!

one dress multiple ways

Enter a caption

3) Ace up your accessory game to bring novelty in your travelling style – Carry only sleek and sophisticated accessories with you. For instance, something like these two-way Golden Trouble Trouble Earrings can easily be stored in pill containers or small zip pouches to. Needless to mention, they add sparkle to your classic glamorous evening look. Embrace your inner princess by selecting sleek pieces, such as this Heer Head Jewellery chain, which can be double up as neckpiece or bracelet too. The trick lies in mixing and matching your accessories without bulking up.


4) Carry multipurpose clothes – Not more than two or three pairs of jeans (preferably blue and black) should be carried, depending on the duration. Wear them with plain tank, statement necklace and killer heels for a night in the new town or with a maxi skirt, ballerinas and topknot for a daywear relaxed style. Think of carrying light-weight shrugs, capes, scarves and stoles to quirk up your holiday style.

We love this Dupatta with Yellow Tiger Lillies, which would not only add oodles of charm to your evening party-wear look, but can also double up as a quick wrap around skirt, head scarf, stole or sarong to sass up your beach holidays.


Image Courtesy: GLAMRS


5) Pack in cubes, roll up and stuff in – From ties to socks, stoles to scarves, lingerie to undergarments and more, you can roll them all into tiny balls and stuff them into small pouches. Place those pouches inside your shoes and pack them into the bag you would carry along. And voila all placement problem solved!

6) Avoid heavy clothing by all means – Should you be visiting a place too snowy and cold, or nippy and wet, you needn’t carry hard clothing and too many sweaters. The charm lies in styling one simple sweater or woolen jegging in different ways to freshen up the look. Carry ultra light coats and caps, which are not hard to pack and can keep you really, really warm. Always remember, you can never go wrong with black leggings. Not only are they easy to wash and dry, but they also go with virtually everything.

7) Pack only 2 pairs of footwear – one shoes and one sandals – Depending upon the destination you are heading to, a pair of shoes and a pair of sandals should suffice, as carrying too many pairs would be cumbersome. The idea is to have more open footwear for the sunny climes and vice-versa for the colder regions. And yes, do wear the bulkier pair on your flight to avoid carrying that extra weight.

8) Squeeze the air out of your bags to create more space – Oh yes, our bags contain a lot of air and that is what makes them look or appear bulkier than what they actually should be. Always place butter paper or newspaper in between your clothes to keep them wrinkle-free. Post that, place your clothes in the bag, and give them a big loving squeeze to push all the air out effectively.

We hope these eight practical and useful hacks come in handy during your next holiday packing. Bon Voyage, lovelies!

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