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“Life is all about- New Day, New Look” with Nishita of Niche Design

Delhi Chic by heart, Nishita is a total shopaholic. She loves creating her own fashion story every day, and hence today, she talks to us, all about her design label- Niche and how to have fun with scarves to feel #TheWinterVibe in today’s #TuesdayTale.

Her mantra for life is- New Day, New Look.


“Rightly Put by Isabella Martin “Each day is a page in your fashion story”. I love to travelling and being a part of different events happening around the city. I love creating cool things, all using a lot of funky stuff to create something out of the box- My little cool world- I call Niche One!”

Speaking on the birth of Niche

“I had a penchant for creativity since I was a young girl when I’d make castles, paper clips and teacups with paper matchsticks and pottery. My world was surrounded with art and craft. My eyes popped up every time I visited a craft shop, I was like a lil’ girl in a candy store. I knew then, that I’ve ventured into a really beautiful journey called art.

Niche Came into being after pursuing my Graduation from NIFT, and then a course from London College of Fashion. I started doing lot of projects for Wills Fashion Week and Van Heusen Fashion Week and creating entire accessory collections for leading designers in the fashion industry.

Niche came into existence when I began customising for my clients, and developed styles that were appreciated by near and dear ones. It was a driving force to create a brand. And that’s when I realised that it’s the right time to benchmark into a label.”

Niche- Futuristic and Bold, Fun and Free-Spirited Designs-

“Geometry and edgy forms inspire me. Architecture interests me, and I make an attempt to create edgy forms, which are futuristic and bold. Graphics and prints are a blend of colour story coordinated with style. I look forward to create a unique sense of fashion culture in Gen Next which is Playful and Free Spirited! I believe one can really experiment a lot more with their everyday dressing. I want to inculcate a culture of mood fashion in which one’s entire look can depict their mood of the day. Be a Geek, Pop Chic or a Victorian Pretty Girl – the choice should always be of that of the wearer’s!”

Talking about Niche’s Scarf and Stole Collection-

“My scarves and stoles are largely inspired by different moods of a girl! Our Stole collection is uniquely designed with a range of 8 men styles and 8 women styles. Our woman styles are a good mix of Boho, European Roses, and Romantic Laces which make for a beautiful assortment to pick from. We have scarves, long stoles and Snoods!

Our scarf collection for men has a variety of eccentric prints of Monobloc, Diamante, and Denim Rustic Looks. Stoles and Mufflers are a great way to brighten up plain coats and jackets in a cold season, and give a classic chic for autumn and winter.”

Scarf prediction for Autumn/ Winter 2015-2016-

“Snoods are something to totally look forward to this Winter, it is a playful stole which can be worn and carried in 5 different styles!!”


>> 5 Must have Stoles from Niche –

1) Red Roses Stole

red rose stole

For its subtle beauty, this stole is a charmer for men and women both. With a red and black tone, this stole can make you look uber stylish, effortlessly! It is a must have accessory for Fall!

2) Navy Blue Rustic Stole

fossil blue stole

This Rustic Blue and Beige Stole is a soft stole to wrap around your neck or just carry it off on your high neck !! this is a perfect accessory for your On-The-Go Road Trip!

3) Sea Snood Stole

seychelles blue Snood

Snood is in! Flaunt it in style and show off your charming new fashion statement.

4) Mr. Checker Stole

Mr. Checker Stole

Who doesn’t need checks? This stole will add a little structure to your day ensemble in this cold weather.

5) Russian Doll Stole

Desert Pink Stole

For all the Boho patrons, this stole is a must have, it will add a lovely pop of colours to your pain winter coats and blazers.

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