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Winter (Absolute) Essentials- BOOTS!

If there is one thing a woman absolutely needs in her winter wardrobe, it is a great pair of boots! No matter what the shifting trends are but boots always make for a top winter essential! So here are 5 types of boots for you to dance, walk or stomp around and feel #TheWinterVibe.

winter boots cover picture
Tip- Team your boots with an oversized sweater, a matching scarf and distressed jeans, for a chic, and cute, and relaxed winter look! Here’s more-

1) Chelsea Boots

A Chelsea boot is a great addition to a wardrobe for its versatility and amazing combination of trendiness yet classic style. They look modern, but will still be wearable for years to come. If you purchase quality and take good care of them, this is the kind of shoe you can have in your wardrobe for over a decade.


Style Tip-

Chelsea boots can go glam for a night out in the town. Pair them with a little skirt or leather shorts and black tights to show off a fun top.

2) Biker Boots

Flats that flatter, biker boots are an amazing choice when it comes to boots! These boots are total winners because they are an awesome mix of style, comfort and tough girl chic. The classic Motorcycle Boots are ankle high, black, vintage looking, a bit loose around your ankles with or without the studs or buckles.

biker boots collage

Style Tip-

These ones you can wear with a long slit skirt or shorts or denims with a studded belt at the waist, and topped with a short leather jacket.

3) Fringe Boots

For an attractive blend of sturdy resilience meets urban trendiness, a pair of fringe boots will get the job done. It’s classically known that fringe boots are the ones made of suede, but now we get a wide range of fabrics, starting from simple leather to patent leather.

fringe boots

Style Tip-

These shoes look best with mini skirts and short dresses. You can try A-line or fitted ones to underline your sexy body. You can try them with shorts and sweater or keep it simple with a cool, casual tee and a blazer on. Those of you who want more sophisticated look may try on short, mini black, boho chic dresses worn with cool fringed shoes.

4) Wedge Boots

If you’re looking for a more subtle and sleek look to slip on your feet, a pair of wedge boots will have your fashion sense and your toes covered. Wedge boots are hotter than ever and now is the time to work this trend into your wardrobe. Wedge boots look best when they are ankle length.

wedge boots

Style Tip-

Any of these boots can be dressy or casual. It is even possible to find wedge boots that look like sneakers with a wedge heel. Choosing the right height and look is key when matching boots with a stylish dress.

5) Lace-Up Boots

Your shoes can make a statement just as equally as every other clothing accessory, so turn some heads as you stroll down the street with lace-up boots.These boots were made for walking, and that’s just what you’ll want to do when you slip these comfortable and daring shoes on.

Style Tip-

You aren’t limited to wearing pants, leggings and jeans when wearing your lace up booties. They can be worn with skirts and dresses too when teamed with opaque tights and shorter skirt lengths. If flat just isn’t your thing, you can also try a pair of heeled lace up booties.

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