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10 Fashion Resolutions for 2016

It is the time of the year when we make resolutions, and hope to keep them! But when it comes to fashion resolutions, we better stick by them! Check out our list of 10 fashion resolutions to keep in 2016! These are a lot of fun!

Resolution 1: Accessorise More

Accessories are made to accentuate a lady! Often accessories do tend to add a lot of oomph to your over all look. Invest in statement jewellery, bags and shoes.

Resolution 2: Try Colours

We all tend to stick to colours we grow up loving. There are several shades that look ‘yummy’, this year try all the colour you don’t like and be daring. Don colours that suit your skin tone. You’ll thank us later.


Resolution 3: Find The Right Heels

Ditch flats for a bit this year, try heels. There are several kinds which don’t kill your feel. Go for it ladies, you know you want to walk a few inches above ground level. Block heels and wedges are best for every day use.

Resolution 4: Sort Out Your Closet

If you haven’t used a piece in your wardrobe for more than a year, it’s time to get rid of it. Donate good old clothes and let some newness enter your lives with a new piece in your wardrobe. And as the saying goes- “What better therapy than retail therapy!”


Resolution 5: Don More Hairstyles and Makeup

If you have it flaunt it! Make use of the beautiful tresses you’re blessed it. Try new up-dos they tend to look more sensuous that hair downs in India weather.

Basic make-up is essential, it’ll accentuate your look. And let’s not shy away from the fact that colourful lips and winged eye-liner can make us feel like beauty-queens!

 Resolution 6: Bet On Lingerie

There’s something so accomplished about a woman whose top drawer is full of silky, filmy bras and underwear. Choose sweet shades and lacy flourishes for a foundation that can go from day to night.


Resolution 7: Dress Up On Weekends

Work-wear should reflect your fun personality! Dress up, turn your every-day side walks into a ramp. Experiment, you’ll come across as a confident woman who knows how to perk up your day, so be it!

Resolution 8: Jazz Up Your Work Wear

Get over getting overly casuals on weekends, dress up on weekends, as this is the time you’ll be dressing up for yourself to have fun in. Meet up your girlfriends you’ll be motivated to dress up more often!


Resolution 9: Be Socially Contextual

When travelling it’s a good idea to respect a few cultural significance. a few religious places around the world need you to wear clothes covering your body, in which case it’ll be a good idea to carry a stole, a dupatta, or  sarong. Just a little bit of consideration can take you a long way.

Resolution 10: Be Generous With Sleep and Smile

 Let’s face it, let’s not feel guilty of sleeping a little more than we do now! You might work out a lot and work all day, your body needs some rest and nothing can beat sleep (yes, not even spa treatments!).

Smile instantly lights up your face, and it’s a good thing! Smile more often, you never know what it might mean to some one who is having a difficult day. Instant stress reliever, let’s pledge to smile wider and more often 🙂

smile and sleep.jpg

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