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Wear your Own Colour with Dionne of Claude and Claudette

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Our first #TuesdayTale of 2016 is an inspiring piece. We tell you the story of Dionne Claudette Alves, the young and vivacious lady who founded her fashion-forward label- Claude and Claudette. She shares a piece of her life- her weight loss journey, and how it transformed her into a cooler and more confident being.

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She says, “I want men and women wearing my garments to feel like their heads are in the clouds with their feet on the ground.” Here’s more…

“Right from a very young age I had no choice but to be independent as well as learn and to do things for myself. So I refer to myself as the “do it your own” kind of woman. I speak and act straight up to the point, for me it is what it is; there is no beating around the bush. I’m really big on fitness! I used to be 104 kgs, it took me 3 years to lose all that weight and now I’m at 67 kgs, it’s something I’m really proud of. Aside from my passion for fashion and fitness I love to paint on canvas, creativity runs through my veins, I am high on experimenting with raw material, fashion, fabric and colours.”


On her fashion journey…

I remember my first fashion sketch was in the 6th grade and to take away my attention from math class I started drawing a silhouette of girl; automatically I started sketching an outfit for her. That is when I knew what I wanted to do all my life, I never stopped designing. This creative passion led me to take a 3 year course of fashion designing at Wigan and Leigh College. My graduating collection was inspired by the events of World Wars as well as the shift of work force to the women during that period, it gave me my unique design style and of course winning the “fashion forward award”.  I keep that term in mind while designing newer garments for my various collections.

A positive response from doing different shows took me to my next move which was starting my own brand. I said to myself that the only way to go is to go big and make it strong, that’s how Claude & Claudette was born. Claude is my dad’s middle name and Claudette is my middle so Claude men and Claudette women is the idea behind my label.


Anything and everything that catches my eye, inspires me, this in turn influences my fashionable soul! Each new collection is a new concept, re-invented with using different eras and inspired by the regular, fun loving, fashion forward on the go men and women, all my designs have a twist of high end vintage feel. In life each day is a new day and a new lesson, so I want to be the best version of myself and my work improves along the way to.

On bringing fun in work dressing

Claude & Claudette caters to every kind of individuals, our garments always have some edge to it. A well fitted high neck pencil dress paired with one our boyfriend or army inspired jackets will bring the fun and sexiness back in work wear. Wearing bold stripes can never go wrong, as stripes add a royal vintage touch in work wear.


I want men and women wearing my garments to feel like their heads are in the clouds with their feet on the ground. I create garments with a strong point of view from the inspiration, quality, finishing, detail and more importantly how the person should feel which is fierce, sexy, confident and classy.

This year, as we discussed in our Fashion Resolution for 2016 blog post earlier, let’s experiment with work-wear and let’s have fun dressing up! 

Work wear can be accessorised with statement piece jewelry, and with a good well fitted blazer / jacket you can never go wrong. Not to forget, own a sexy pair of heels to always make you feel like a boss and command that much deserved attention.

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