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When Fat is Flavour with Chef Pratik Kuckreja

* Psst! Keep reading for a secret dessert recipe too!

Chef Pratik Kuckreja, the proud owner of his fat little baby—Fat is Flavour, calls himself a fashionable foodie. He is a graduate in ‘Hotel Management and Catering Operations’ and post graduate in ‘Diplome de Patisserie’ from the prestigious ‘Le Cordon Bleu’ London.

Started in July, 2014, Fat is Flavour functions out of his small little workshop based out of his house in Pali Hill, Bandra. Just like the interesting personality Pratik is, the name ‘Fat is Flavour’ has an extremely interesting story attached to it! For most of you who are reading this story think it is because of the structure Pratik has but according to him, “the word ‘Fat’ isn’t the adjective fat, it comes from the macronutrient—‘fat’. They are extremely important too and so are desserts, even if you have it just once a week. And just like these macronutrients even flavours in desserts are important hence, Fat is Flavour.”

Pratik is fond of three things food, experimenting and pop-ups and his weakness is sweetness. Food leads him to becoming a chef. Experimenting and accidents come from deep within just like the story behind the soil story too was an accident, “this one is a layered dessert which is made by crystallizing Belgium chocolate and experimenting with flavours” he explains.

The chocolate soil was created around the end of 2014 when this foodie chef came back from LCB. This is when he stumbled upon his third fondness—food pop-up —which is relatively new in India. That is when he decided to do pop-ups! The first was at Pune, Farmer’s Market, the only thing he sold was the chocolate soil. With this he wanted to bring out the essence of India, promote craftsmen and bring out the earthiness. He used quite an unique packaging option for the chocolate soil- he used matkas (small earthen pots)! “It is supposed to be a wholesome experience, even if it is the packaging.” (You ought to devour the scintillating savoury to experience its bewitching spell.)

The perfectionist in Pratik comes alive when it comes to dessert “I just wouldn’t like the passé flavours here in India! For me flavours had to be different, whimsical and intriguing, nothing normal. Hence I started experimenting!” This gave birth to the concept of ‘Cake Interviews’. “The cake interview is a very interesting process! It allows me to have a deeper understanding of my client.” During the interview Pratik asks a lot of questions about the likes, dislikes, preferences, flavours etc. and creates a complete bespoke masterpiece!

“Sometimes they do have some really interesting choices” says Pratik. “Two years ago this client came to me and during the interview he mentioned that he was extremely fond of any kinds of peppers! So I created a cake for him which was blended chocolates and peppers! It was a real hit! He loved it!”

With so much fun that Pratik has, he definitely couldn’t handle it alone and as they say behind every successful man there is a woman! Here the woman is his sister! Being a commerce graduate herself, Urvashi handles his money quite well! “We don’t really agree on anything! She will find it too salty and I will find it too sweet but, isn’t it the bond that takes things further? I seek for her feedback on anything (even though I may not accept it) but we are at our best when we work along!”

Here we end it on a sweet note with the secret recipe Chef Pratik shared with us!

Flourless Nutella and Dark Chocolate Cake
Serves 8 lucky people

Eggs: yolks    55gms
Whites 80gms
Butter: 55gms
Nutella : 180gms
Almond powder : 45gms
Dark Chocolate : 45gms

Dark Chocolate : 400gms
Double Cream   : 220gms
Butter :               50gms

Steps to follow-
1.Cream together soft pieces of cold butter with nutella. Add egg yolks and sieved almonds.

2.Prepare french meringue by foaming egg whites with a pinch of sugar. Melt dark chocolate and fold into the batter. Next, fold meringue.

3.Pour over a baking tray and bake for 25mins.

4.Melt dark chocolate and warm double cream seperately. Once the cream is warm, pour over the chocolate and incorporate by mixing lightly with a whisk. To finish, add butter.

5.Once the cake cools, pour dark chocolate mixture over the cake and allow to set. Once set, garnish with pieces of dark chocolate or wheat wafers or pipe with nutella.

Dig in!

Have a ‘fat’astic Raksha Bandhan!

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